Teams & Riders Mark Cavendish Discussion Thread

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Cycling is unpredictable so who knows where Cav, or anyone, will be riding in a month or two? On a loaded team like that though, its much easier to say that the TdF is unlikely for him. I was kind of hoping that Cav had slightly changed his focus, but even though he just got rolling, it doesn't appear so (yet). I guess we'll see...
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Meh...he's done. But I admire his desire to keep fighting. At some point, get an outlet, stay in the game with a team as a coach, being a shadow of his former self may hurt his legacy.
Don't kill the dream :'(
I don't how it'll hurt his legacy. We get old and he had a lot of issues since 2017. To be where he is now is phenomenal and shows improvent compared to 2017-2020.