Teams & Riders Mark Cavendish Discussion Thread

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Meh...he's done. But I admire his desire to keep fighting. At some point, get an outlet, stay in the game with a team as a coach, being a shadow of his former self may hurt his legacy.
He's won 48 individual stages in Grand Tours, before you even mention MSR, 6 podiums (3 wins) at Scheldeprijs, the WC road race and numerous other wins. He could roll up on a tandem wearing a Ronald McDonald outfit and not 'hurt his legacy' - nothing that he might do now affects what he's already done.
He lost many years of his career to injuries and health issues, so this is great to see. A very inspiring story really.
His 2014 crash while all his fault, definitely caused him to miss out on wins during 14 and 15 TDF. He could have won a couple in 14 and the crash made him and Quickstep start their train WAY to early in 15 and he started his sprints early trying to force the win allowing Greipel and Lotto to capitalize. He even highlighted how he was feeling with how Greipel was in 16.