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It’s crazy his only 4 tour stage wins away from Merckxs record.
It is and it isn't. He was by far the most dominant sprinter of my lifetime (as a cycling fan), he was almost unbeatable in flat stages for 4-5 years, against mostly much bigger guys, so much that the Tour changed their traditional parcours and his palmares has its own wikipedia page. He looked certain to beat merckx's record, to much consternation among cycling fans, before things went downhill for various reasons.

But yeah, it's crazy he came even close.
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I'm pretty sure Sagan has one as well.

After looking it up, I can say that on English Wikipedia only Cav, Greipel, Merckx, Valverde, MvdP, Cancellara, Sagan and Marianne Vos seem to have one.
How'd I forget Sagan and Cancellara. I'm surprised MvdP already has one. I just looked, Armstrong originally had one but must have lost it with everything. For a time I thought Froome had one too.
Congratulations Manx Missile to winning small *** races, the thing he made fun of once lol But in all earnest, he has done well in getting a second spring. After making some questionable team decision and being lackluster, he made the right call to return to Lefevre and now he pays him back with some great performances. The joy of winning is very visible on his face.
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