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Going to the Tour is more exhausting than the Vuelta though. Going to France makes most sense if he's racing all the way to Paris; in the Vuelta he could abandon before the mountains. And media/public pressure is a lot stronger, as well as the competition. Doesn't make sense (at least as he said, maybe half jokingly, without extra pay), especially since he didn't plan his season for it to begin with.

Mentally it's more exhausting, especially for Cavendish, that has to do press briefings every single day, about trying to break the record, and generally the Tour just has a lot more media than other races.

But in terms of the physical aspect, I think the Vuelta is far harder on a sprinter, both because of route characteristics and because it's the end of the season.
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After his miserable last few years I would never have expected we'd even be here in 2021 debating the merits of Cavs win against that stacked field of sprinters in Belgium, or possibly going to the tour as DQS's sprinter. So well done to him for getting back to competitive form. After that final stage in Belgium I was thinking to myself if another sprinter had done that I'd probably be talking up his prospects in the Tour but with Cav it's just hard to forget the last few years. Now he's back to good form though it will be interesting to see if he gives the Tour one last go next year and where he is riding next year, if not Quickstep. As PL said in his column, "with the level he has now, he wants to continue for at least another year."

As for the Vuelta, seems that's for Jakobsen:
Bookman will probably get another go, since he didn't complete the Giro, and Konrad did GC at Dauphine.

I'm not at all sure what Bora's targets are the Tour are, but I would not put it past them to have GC aspirations, especially if a couple of main contenders crash out early, as per usual.

Either way, all a moot point now.

Sure, but they never keep Sagan on a tight leash.
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