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Teams & Riders Mark Cavendish Discussion Thread

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I doubt he sees it that way, but bit of bad news for Cavendish that DQS is holding the yellow jersey. No way to avoid the team getting to work now. On the other hand, less pressure on him to perform.

What exactly changes? Declercq was gonna spend 3/4 of the Tour de France at the front of the peloton anyway. Even if they save up Morkov and Ballerini, that still leaves them with 4 people to do the hard work. And only Asgreen is in a position where he might had his own ambitions before the race started. Devenyns, Cattaneo and especially Declercq where brought as the work horses for the team anyway. Be it for Cavendish or Alaphilippe should not change a thing for these guys. Their job was to ride at the front either way.
Yep, lost four spokes but he has confirmed he stayed upright.

On one hand gutting because I feel he could have grabbed the stage win but on the other perhaps for the best as he could have been caught up in it all and had his Tour ended.

Really sad for Ewan, but being blunt, it must shorten Cavendish's odds of getting that stage win we're desperate for?
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Remember the interview last year? Where Cav jumped into the break and was crying afterwards because it might have been his last day as a pro racer?

I'm riding this rollercoaster as far as it will go, because boy o boy has this been a wonderfull storyline already. Even if he doesn't get a stage it is still going to be great.

Totally cried when he won it. damn fairytale comeback story.
I don't think it's recency bias. He was an ex rider 7 months ago. He wouldn't even take part in sprints, let alone win them.

He didn't have a pro win between the Dubai Tour in february 2018 and Turkey 2021, and only 4 wins in total since his last Tour win in 2016. Only a handful of top 10s even in those years. I don't even understand how he gathered the motivation to continue like that and manage to come out of his slump.