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Teams & Riders Matteo Jorgenson has now outclassed his peers from the Chambery-system

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Vaughter's suffers from too much self assurance. If he has an irritation about another DS success he'd certainly pronounce that. As for these two Americans riding for another team he JV can look in the mirror and admit he's a serious D*CK and most American riders know it. He'll screw you over at some point.
What I notice with Vaughters is that he presents every new rider as the second coming of Christ, if only they got a little more love they could beat the whole world, and when they inevitably fail you won't hear him about said rider ever again. Not always though, Ben Healy is a major discovery. I can't think of a lot of others though.
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Good point—you could tell by his tone not just his words.
And yet his fan base consider Roglic a villain for not racing harder on the last stage and suggest that Visma is the systematic reason for a rider beating Remco. Remco doesn't deserve that sort of pointless analysis. He's a phenom and will have his moment. He won't win everything and if Jorgenson has an off race some may gleefully declare his career over like they have Egan's. One thing is certain: the best rider will not win as many more races than they do win. Listening to Remco he seemed a mature competitor and good with that result.
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