Miguel Ángel Lopez Discussion Thread

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Koronin said:
Glad they didn't give him a penalty. However, I do think the spectator needed a punch.
I would have given him a symbolical fine, like 100 Swiss francs or something. Otherwise it might create a precedent. Are riders allowed from now on to hit obnoxious spectators? What about the devil in the Tour de France? Doesn't he deserve a punch? :twisted:

ValvPiti was right about Lopez back at the end of La Vuelta.

It does not feel right where he is sitting on GC. And you can tell that he was one of the strongest if not the strongest towards the end. Setting up records climbing. If you start repeating this pattern then you must adjust something either in your training or in your tactics. Sometimes I feel like he is lost tactically.

Anyway, he is entertaining rider to watch when he is strong. Hope he comes back for La Vuelta. If he comes back really focus he has good chance.
It does not feel right because we know that Lopez' physical potential is better than a 6th place in the Giro. But, I do believe he only has himself to blame for his result. Mollema rode a better race and deservingly finished ahead of Lopez.

Lopez still has problems staying on his bike, avoiding stupid situations, taking some odd tactical decisions and descending like a neo pro. This will cost him during 3 weeks. Last year he did things right and he needs to get back to that.

glassmoon said:
The ones that were given fines for such "human behavior" in the past should sue UCI for damages/discrimination /s
your "/s" indicates you are being sarcastic, but what you're saying isn't that far fetched at all. It's the organizer's responsibillity to ensure the riders are safe, that they get to compete in a fair environment where they get to defend their chances equally. This isn't Mario Kart or Death Race where there are obstacles in the parcours trying to take out contenders. So if the organization deems themselves qualified to hand out fines, they should also be liable on the other end. Or they simply say it's a matter for the justice system.
López was one of the main GC competitors, through the whole La Vuelta 2019. Although podium position was lost on stage 20 i still enjoyed watching fierce attacks. Therefore congratulations from my side and i am sure that López will return even stronger. Still such a young and talented cyclist.