Miguel Ángel Lopez Discussion Thread

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I was starting to ponder at the crazy team Astana could have at the Tour if Lopez gets fit, + Aru and Fuglsang. Now, well, let's hope it's not too bad.

Errr... got a bit of a question about his nickname. It might have been mentioned before, but wasn't there a pretty insane reason he got it? Something about fighting off would-be robbers?
Jul 14, 2015
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RedheadDane said:
carolina said:
And when I thought Astana's bad luck had run out...
To be honest, a broken thumb - and some stitches - is really nothing compared to everything else...
And a few teeth, but yeah it doesn't approach being hit and killed by a bus...

portugal11 said:
This isn't bad luck, miguel is a terrible bike handler and he has to improve this
He does seem to be a very bad bike handler, but even bad bike handlers aren't always at fault for any given crash they are involved in. It's not entirely clear what happened here, but it seems it was someone else's error on this occasion.
Jun 30, 2014

Ruudz0r said:
He is likely returning to racing in the Tour of Austria
Great news.
From what I've heard Formolo will be racing the Österreich Rundfahrt (according to the official website of the race also Sep Vanmarcke), also Hirt and Großschartner, so the field should be somewhat decent.
With such an interesting field I'm thinking about climbing the Glockner or even just the Iselsberg with my own bike to watch the race.
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