Mikel Landa Discussion Thread

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I think he is trying to say, if Bernal doesn't have back problems, it'll be difficult for Landa to win. Because there's an ITT on the last stage and his opponent is a former Tour winner afterall.
Yes, that is what I said. Bernal had today a bad day. I think Landa would have been with almeida at least, Maybe the gravel day he could have lost a little as Yates, but I think he would be in pink today.
Was looking this weekend but couldn't see anything (at least from English language news).

I went back and checked the injury report and while a broken collarbone & fractured ribs are both annoying injuries they could definitely be recoverable from in time depending on severity (particularly with pro medicine and treatment).

Probably depends on whether he's able to get on the bike early & comfortably enough that he's riding freely, and I suspect the radio silence means they're weighing that up at the mo. If it was a gentler first week I think he'd race, but with MdB and a TT early and then a reasonably hefty first weekend it's easy to see him out of the race before it even really gets going if he's not at 100%. Perhaps better to just heal up and be freshest come La Vuelta.
A friend of mine sent him a message.. He said that things are going well, but step by step (dijo en español poco a poco)..so I cant add much more.
Yeah, I think the cracked ribs are a bigger problem than the collarbone.
You can start training on a stationary bike rather early if it's just a collarbone, but good luck going hard and breathing heavy if you have a few cracked ribs.
We will see about that. With Pocacar also riding Olympics after the tour, it´s not sure that he will still be in top shape.
Same appears for Roglic after his Tour de France crash..
It´s also pretty sure, that Bernal will have a really strong team..
Pogacar didnt ride too much this year, he will be on top form. The same Roglic, He did a very good ITT with that crash, he is now very good to ride. Other way is continue at le Tour, but after some day of relax he is perfect.
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