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Mikel Landa Discussion Thread

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I quit moderation aaaand we have the Shrine of Landismo full of talk of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande ....
This needs to go to the clinic!! I gotta say I watched a couple of Remco videos and he was wiggling around to some techno trash.. I am hoping, really really hoping that no pro bike racers get charged up by Grande or Swift, that would crush me!!
Landa is too young for Gypsy Kings or Alejandro Sans
I mean, from a compositional and vocal point of view Ariana Grande's best albums are clearly superior to everything she has ever put out, but that's probably besides the point.
I don't listen to either of them. But one sings what is put in front of her, the other actually creates the music and albums. So...

Now Landa. Was great seeing him doing so well again. Hope he comes back flying
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