Mikel Landa Discussion Thread

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Bahrain are cooking man, they are going to get everyone on the front on that stage 20 and see if anyone gets caught behind like they did in 2021 to try and get Landismo on the podium. They've got an entire team wheras Jumbo gotta look after 3 guys and Quickstep will be around trying to cause trouble too.
Remco should stop doing irrelevant meme attacks and say to Landa ' I will give everything for you, this last 2 mountains stages, to get you a podium in la vuelta. And then next year in Tour, you do the same for me'.
Anyway guys it's nice to see the thread active and positive, people enjoying a landismo party. Has been a lot of difficult periods the last few years, now mikel is a veteran and there may not be so much more of this, next year off to Soudal quickstep for pulling for remco. So let's hope the legs don't fall off the next few days. Was really happy for today