Music! What are you listening to now?

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Jun 7, 2011
sublimit said:
Some old school techno, particulary good track this one.

:cool:... me like.

Michielveedeebee said:
that's a great tune.

boomcie said:
During my suspension I've been giving some attention to this thread an have noticed that there is an abundant lack of electro around here. I'm going to change this.

As a student, I accumulated a rather large collection of electronical music, I'll be sharing my favorites with you in this thread.

Here's a first track for you guys:

Slam - Bright Lights are Fading (Death in Vegas remix)

Totally f*cking awesome. Enjoy.
Please do.
Very cool.
More please.
Feb 15, 2011
And I'll keep going.

The Knife - Silent Shout (Williams Acidic Circuits Remix)

Swedish duo "The Knife" has some great original songs (like heartbeats, which was cleverly covered by José Gonzalez), but I still prefer them when they are getting the remix treatment.

This particular track really hits all the right notes for me. The intro (1,5 minutes) is a little on the long side, but it really kicks into supreme mode after that.

Just wow.
Jun 7, 2011
Michielveedeebee said:
yeah :)

this adele adkins song from zam_olyas is also very nice.


some bands are rather boring, but i can't stop listening.
seem to work as a sedative for me.

the court and spark

radar brothers

jim white


tank engine, how are you with the new tom waits?
don't know it yet, but assume he's still great as always..
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