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Teams & Riders Nairo Quintana discussion thread

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lol @ the hysteria over this performance. He'll be nowhere in July. They'll gift him a stage but that'll be all.
Methinks it could have a little to do with the opposition or lack thereof but at least it will encourage Quintana moving ahead. Being happy and feeling supported is probably a bonus for him after the Movistar years...............July will be a different matter completely but the team will be feeling good at the moment.
I suppose but neither of them show much form at this stage of the season usually. Have to admit I haven't watched much cycling so far.

Dont know if thats true.

Pinots starts in 2016, 2017, 2019 seems pretty good to me. Just results wise.

Bardet seems to start a little bit slower. Both 2018 and 2019 he started okay though, just looking at the results. He was up there in every race he participated in.
Yeah, but we don't know how the others rode. Vlasov got a big gap on the Provence stage because the others were looking at each other.

It seems likely that the same happened yesterday given the very large group that came in together.
Pinot was on his wheel almost immediately and, after a second or four, just could not follow anymore. Everyone acknowledged that Nairo is just in another stratosphere at this moment.
I am very happy with his performances and I really really hope he can once more become the rider he was. Nevertheless even the last few seasons when he was nowhere by his standards, he was always able to produce these stellar outliers a few times (though never back to back like this february). So I'm holding my horses, not just because of the rather weak/likely out of form opposition. But it is great to see.
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Good job Nairo. Nice showing for the short 2020 season. It is a pity that came at the worst moment.
Very nice nevertheless.

In the face of a pandemic all sport is meaningless trivia, but it is a pity that Quintana will not get the chance to show the world what this version of himself - as hungry and driven as he has ever been in his career - can do in the Tour. He has been the rider of this truncated season.