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This would actually be perfect for typical Carapaz 600m kick, if he had his kick
Yeah, I mean the comparison between this climb and Montevergine, where Carapaz won his first Giro stage, is very obvious. I could however see Jumbo trying to absolutely drill it so Roglic can sprint away at the end. In that case Carapaz will have to be in top condition to have any chance.
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Well, in the past when he has said that he feels good and that he will attack, that is when he has been dropped. LOL.
In the Giro that he won he kept complaining of cold and illness and then we saw what happened. In 2015 he said something about not feeling top and we saw what happened.

He is a hard rider to read.
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I really have to keep myself from hyping him but realistically I still don't think he'll be a real danger for yellow. For years his problem has been inconsistency, not that he wasn't able to deliver top level performances anymore. Just look at his stage wins from the last two Tours.

If however (and just to remind you, big if) he is indeed back to his best (which I don't think he is but just in theory) this Tour would get a lot more spicy. But it's not! I mustn't get hyped ffs.
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He looks reborn, in a way. He's still just 30. To win this year's TDF, I think he would need to have at least 1:30 on Roglic before the time trial. Even though the TT ends on a mountain finish, there's about 30 kilometers before it gets to the big hill.
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All I'm hoping for is that he's strong enough to drop the hammer in the 3rd week and be among the best in those stages. Yellow is unrealistic with this field IMO, but I guess anything could happen in a year like this
When he was in top form, he used to have the best recovery of all GC riders and incredible consistency to go with it. People were joking that if GT-s were 4 weeks long he would win every single one he starts. But it is four years since he last rode a GT while being close enough to his best form, so naturally there are far more questions than answers concerning his recovery and consistency over three weeks right now.
It seems to me that Quintana might get a serious shot on Tour this year, he is not forced to attack yet (He will tell his team what to do and nobody will question him) and he just need to be with the top pack until 3rd week and that's where he is a real threat.

He only needs one stage to turn everything upside down, he also doesn't need 1:30 on Roglic before ITT, remember it is a MTT and he is good on MTTs, he might not win it, but he surely doesn't need 90 secs...

He clearly has a shot.
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I loved his bike throw today at the finish. He has come to battle! Looks good for a top 10 finish, perhaps even top 5. I think he'll finish somewhere in the 5th to 9th range.
You must be kidding. On a climber's course TdF please point to 9 better climbers in the peloton than Quintana spring 2020 version. Even better, tell me one. Now, lots of things can happen, he has only one and a half stage where he can show his skills but if he stays safe Nairo is at least podium material.