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May 14, 2019
Can't really see this (meaning only results should count). Why would you just choose not to look at circumstances when they absolutely matter? Why does a number at the end say more than what was clearly visible during a race? Maybe when talking about revenue and marketing value it could be valid, but not when discussing performances.
(Btw would LOVE to see Quintana raiding the mountains 13/14/15-style)
Results are facts. "Podium potential" is fantasy. Sure, Pinot could have won multiple GTs if all of the things that happened didn't and if all of the things that didn't happen did.
For Landa, his one WT win at Movistar was a stage in T-A. Quintana's 2018-2019 results were better and it's not even close. In the 2 Tours, 2 stage wins beats a few minor placings differences.
Wait, we're talking about GC-potential this year, right? Like how likely a podium or win (or top 5 or top 10) is. Why does stage wins matter then? And if you only look at results, how do you come to the conclusion that Quintana is better than Landa when the former finished 12th, 10th and 8th in the last three Tours, while the latter finished 4th, 7th and 6th?
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He looks to be doing very well considering his hampered training. The Alps should suit him more if he has aspirations I think we will see him bide his time generally and attack hard on stage 15 if he has the legs, the climbs are steep relatively long and suit him as does stage 17. He probably needs about 2:30 before the final TT so will have to go on the offensive.
He hasn't looked this good in the Tour for several years, but he's still a very long way from winning it. He needs to take a lot of time on Roglic with only two MTFs left and without much team support in the finals. There's also Pogacar, who looked the strongest yesterday, and Bernal, who's in the same situation as last year after the Pyrenees. So I'm rooting for him, but he will really have to dig deep.
Bernal didn't look good yesterday, did he. He clung on, but looked maxxed out. Pogacar's crosswind losses may haunt him in 3 weeks time. Quintana? Who knows. At the moment it looks to be all about Roglic
Looks like a strong podium chance, and overall victory is certainly not out of the question. Dumoulin and Pinot suddenly out of contention is a big help.
They could still be in contention and it wouldn’t matter for Nairo. If his knee isn’t hurting him, he’s proven to have great shape this year...more than Dumoulin and he’s almost always better than Pinot. He would have out performed them regardless. He’s just been at a higher level this year.
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He surprised you every day, maybe he'll keep doing that and we really have no idea where he'll be in the end. This guy.....I can't dislike him, but every time you warmed up to him he'd get funny and it didn't seem he cared that much and just flicked an elbow or rode tempo in the 4th group something. I mean, today wasn't that bad at all, at least he showed some will after the climb, but a worse day in 3rd week shouldn't be a surprise anymore, at least less than suddenly going mythical.