Teams & Riders Nairo Quintana discussion thread

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What ban??? there is no ban. At least legal. He was blacklisted confirmed by El Pais. But there is no ban. Please can someone tell me how can ASO avoid him going to their races? There are rules and He paid for them, but going further is not legal. Or am I missing something?

that's how it works: ASO people will phone to Abarca Sports (phone +34 948 36 17 40) and tell them "Nairo will not be at our races" and Abarca will not start Nairo at ASO races
An ASO informal ban still wouldn't prevent him doing most of his calendar. Even with Arkéa - in 2021 he did Tour du Var, some Italian one dayers, Tirreno-Adriatico, Catalunya, Tour of the Alps, Asturias and the Dauphiné in the first half of the season; only Catalunya and the Dauphiné would be excluded by an ASO ban.

With Movistar he tended to do the South American early season races. 2017, the last time he targeted the Giro, he did the Challenge Mallorca, Comunidad Valenciana, Abu Dhabi Tour (obviously the UAE Tour has taken this role), Tirreno-Adriatico and Asturias pre-Giro.

I could readily see him do similar now.
Quintana & Bardet were about equal I'd say, but then how good is Quintana without Tramadol in his system? We'll now find out.
Those are both pretty ridiculous statements—to the extent I think you’re just trying to get a rise out of everyone. Nairo has 2 GT wins, 2 2nd places in the Tour, a batch of shorter stage race victories, and 50 wins overall. There’s no comparison. As for the clinic topic, you darn well know the difference between blood boosters/muscle builders/ etc and a pain killer.
Nope, but CCC were pressured into not bringing Rebellin to the Giro, when they got a wildcard.
Yeah, but back then RCS had a power leverage due to CCC being dependent on wildcards. So they agreed to exclude Rebellin & Schumacher from their Giro d'Italia lineup!

Same with Aqua Sapone who were rumored to have gotten screwed at the 2008 Giro d'Italia for their intention to sign Rasmussen in fall 2007!
I can tell you something for sure, Giro would be stupid not to welcome him back. they are hurting at this moment from the GC participation stand point of view. Or at least from the marketing stand point of view.

34 year-old out from the sport for a year with the previous GT podium in 2017. Would be devaluing the race as whole if this was to become one of the selling points.