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Guess that means Giro d'Italia for the mountains jersey together with Rubio and then Quintana ends up as super domestique for Mas at the Tour de France afterwards. Or the Vuelta a Espana respectively, depending on where Mas has higher ambitions.

After Nibali was 4th and Pinot has been 5th at the Giro d'Italia recently, Quintana certainly still can show something in Italy.

Keep in mind that after Spain, Telefonicas main business market under the Movistar brand is Latin America. Arguably after the Tour de France, in South America the Giro d'Italia still is a hugely important race due to the successes of Quintana, Rujano, Gaviria, Perez Cuapio, etc.

To send Quintana & Rubio to the Giro d'Italia to represent your brand in Colombia makes sense!
That was my first thought, the Giro might become a lot more interesting.

I guess theyll have him ride Giro-Vuelta to keep the French Mafia happy and because Mas is aready doing Tour-Vuelta.
Probably the best short term solution after missing out on Christian Rodriguez at the last moment.

I doubt they were too bothered about missing out on Cristián Rodríguez. Carlos on the other hand... ;)

With guys like G. Izagirre, Rojas, Erviti and Valverde all gone, they obviously needed a new father figure on the team to teach the young guns how to race Abarca style.
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What are Nairo's chances of coming back to his 2022 level after a year out of the peloton?
Nairo has often not needed much time at the start of each season to get up to speed. On many occasions it is where he has looked his best. Especially in his later years.

Of course a longer break this time without racing... but if he has still been training like a pro and taken care of himself, it will just be like riding a bike.