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Nathan Van Hooydonck (Jumbo Visma)

Nathan van Hooydonck has had a car accident this morning and is in acute danger.

Apparently he was waiting on a crossroad whil having red light, got unwell (epileptec attack?) pushed on the gas pedal while getting unconscious and the car went on the crossroad and crashed into or got hit by numerous cars.

His pregnant wife is unharmed but his life is in danger.

Thoughts are with him and his family
Google translate from

Bad news from the cycling world. Jumbo-Visma rider Nathan Van Hooydonck has been taken to hospital in a critical condition after a car accident in Kalmthout. The rider allegedly suffered a heart attack behind the wheel and lost control of the car. His heavily pregnant wife was sitting next to him in the car, she had to go to the hospital for a check-up.
This morning Kalmthout was startled by a serious car accident in the center. A driver shot his car across the road and hit five other cars on the other side of the intersection.

The man who caused the accident is 27-year-old Nathan Van Hooydonck. The professional cyclist of Team Jumbo - Visma became unwell behind the wheel, according to the police he may have had a heart attack. As a result, he pushed the accelerator of his car. His heavily pregnant wife sat next to him.

Van Hooydonck was resuscitated by the police at the scene and then transferred to the University Hospital of Antwerp. His wife also had to go to the hospital, but only for a check-up.

In the other cars, only minor injuries occurred. One child suffered scratches and was taken to hospital with the mother, as was another slightly injured driver.

The other motorists received victim support at the local youth home.