National championships June 2021

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This is the main reason why everyone saying Evenepoel would almost certainly have won Lombardia 2020 was a bit quick in that judgment imo. I could see Evenepoel being the strongest that day but if you can stay in his wheel you win. And I have a feeling that Pologne 2020 was the last wake-up call the peloton needed about now reacting to Evenepoel's attacks.

Um… completely different terrain. Lombardy was much closer to Poland stage. Who won Lombardy. The guy remco totally dominated in Poland. The idea that remco would have dragged fulsgang to the line is ludicrous. Then again, so is debating this since descending is part of racing. :)
Mohorič and Polanc in a breakaway and Pogačar, Tratnik and Koren chasing. Doesn't look like the chasing group is giving 100%. Lap and a half to go (out of 10 laps). In lap 8 Pogačar triggered a decisive attack to not let Novak in and left Mohorič and Koren behind. Koren and Mohorič after catch them.

Looks like it will be in between Mohorič and Polanc.

P.S. Now Mohorič and Polanc are in a breakaway and the rest where caught by the peloton.
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Who are the ones behind Masnada? If Colbrelli won on the Imola course, he must have a crazy climbing level right now?
His level uphill was very good but he attacked on the flat part before the final hills. Masnada did the same. Nobody followed them, Trek had both Ciccone and Nibali but didn't do anything.

Masnada and Colbrelli caught the break and when the gap was over 40" the chasers sat up. All the riders in the break were then dropped by Masnada and Colbrelli. Zoccarato was the last one to drop and managed to finish third. Super ride by him.
Who are the ones behind Masnada? If Colbrelli won on the Imola course, he must have a crazy climbing level right now?
In the group behind you had Formolo, Nibali, Ciccone, Cattaneo, Moscon, Pozzovivo and Carboni. Colbrelli and Masnada managed to follow their attacks on the penultimate lap on the big climb and then got a gap, caught the breakaway and won. Masnada wasn't able to drop Colbrelli on the climbs, Zoccarato managed to hang on for 3rd from the early breakaway, he had less the 15 to close, but Masnada kept working with Colbrelli and the gap increased...