National championships June 2021

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20 year old Wandahl (Bora) was the revelation of the Danish race.

He has very much been an "under the radar" rider in Denmark, having grown up in Sweden, and getting signed early for Bora, without any significant results outside of the juniors class.

Personally, I have only really seen him do Dom work before, usually being the first guy Bora use to control breaks.

However, the way he rode the race today was very impressive indeed.

He was in every deciding move, and yet managed to conserve strength when he could, while generally seeming in complete control.

He would have won today, had Würtz not gained the last corner on him (150 metres from the line), because he was clearly faster in the sprint, but didn't have enough road to work with.

This guy can be a top level puncheur, he has stamina, he is fast and he can climb a bit.
I choose to believe Pogacar didn't gift anything today (I didn't see the race), because to do so would be borderline patronizing, i.e. like a benevolent despot gifting stuff he gives no sh*ts about compared to winning the Tour.

It would be that moment when magnanimous non-selfish riding becomes insulting. Just my opinion. So as I said, I believe Pogacar probably didn't gift anything at all.
Because both courses are so similar.
I'm not saying that Evenepoel couldn't have won I am only saying that Lombardia 2020 wasn't a done deal because of this. Sure Evenepoel has done many amazing solo's but he hasn't shown much when it comes to dropping someone with an acceleration.
Like his win in Clasica San Sebastian the peloton allowed him to get ahead.

In the case of Lombardia the likes of Fuglsang had just received a nasty wake-up call in Poland. So I think many of them will have been glued to his wheel. Sure perhaps he would still have been the strongest by a large enough margin to simply ride them off his wheel on a climb but that was an open question. Imo it couuld have been a case of him being too much of a marked man and not enough of a kick to deal with the wheelsucking.
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