National championships June 2021

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This is the main reason why everyone saying Evenepoel would almost certainly have won Lombardia 2020 was a bit quick in that judgment imo. I could see Evenepoel being the strongest that day but if you can stay in his wheel you win. And I have a feeling that Pologne 2020 was the last wake-up call the peloton needed about now reacting to Evenepoel's attacks.
Lombardia was difficult enough terrain, this wasn’t. The WC is difficult enough terrain for him to drop people.
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Masnada is such a melonhead, today hel pulled more for Colbrelli than he did for Almeida during the entire last Giro.
Ok, he had no radio, but when the motobike tells you than only a single guy is 19sec behind you with under 5kmto go you stop pulling. Instead he kept leading during the final km and tried to beat Colbrelli of all people with a long sprint. A total moron!
Respect for Zoccarato who finished 3rd and was in the early breakaway.