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Jun 15, 2009
FoxxyBrown1111 said:
Cool; Russia comes with Ovechkin and Malkin.

And even more cool, those two players shot the first two goals for RUS in the tournament too.
Seems Bo doesn´t only know football and cycling and whatelse, even after a long off from hockey he still knows about it a bit. ;)
Tomorrow is RUS-USA Part I... Some of you football guys watching, or only waiting for the NFL combine?
Didn't read the report, but many articles. I agree with Shannon Sharpe, this was so egregious, the commissioner must take a hard stand against all involved, perhaps including banning Incognito, period. The guy has a bad track record to begin with going back years. So, when do you finally step up and say enough? Where fo you draw the line? I think lengthy suspensions are in order, along with stiff fines. A hard message needs to be sent. Having rookies carry gear will never change, and shouldn't. And you'll always get some teasing and inappropriate jokes here and there. But this was horrible, disturbing. Not just Incognito, thought he was the worst, but other players. Management who knew are just as culpable.

Meanwhile, Johnny Manzeil tells the Houston Texans that failing to draft him would be the biggest mistake they ever made. Wow! This tops Brady Quinn's arrogance before the draft. Something it took Quinn years to get past, if only to be a backup.

I'm up for the Draft challenge, sure.
Well that's two for the draft challenge.

Egregious is a good descriptive word for it. Incognito has taken a defiant position up to now, and if he maintains that position IMO he's not employable in any job except leg breaking. But today he admitted directing certain words at Martin without realizing he had crossed the line. I call B S. Nobody is stupid enough to not realize derogatory words about Martin's sister and mother are over the top. The only chance of playing in the NFL ever again should be if Incognito took a remorseful position and apologized. What few are talking about is what the consequences should be for Incogs followers (Pounce & the other). Eventually that should also come.
Okay NFL junkies, just a few days until the Combine starts. Here's where guys drafted between about 10 and 200 can really jump up/down spots in teams eyes. The NFL has a Combine webpage, plus countdown clock. Not to be left out, BleacherReport has some bold predictions. (Yes, for just the Combine!).

Johnny Manzeil will be there, but will not throw. He's so confident he won't even throw at the Texas A&M Pro day, March 5, only throwing on an individual pro day in late March, and in private for teams requesting it. Even Andrew Luck didn't do this. This has (perhaps) left the door open for Bortles and Bridgwater, who will participate. I'm not entirely sure on Bridgewater giving full participation, but Bortles says he's in training for the Combine and is hoping to impress there. As we know however, this is simply one of many factors to evaluating players. Luck and RG3 skipped the Combine, and Tannehill was injured for it, and even his Pro Day wasn't 100%. Weeden however shined at the Combine. So, what does that tell you?

Perhaps the most interesting players at the combine will be Clowney and CJ Mosley. Clowney had a fantastic JR season, but his SR season was a step down. Was it because he was constantly double teamed? Was he unmotivated? Mosley looked like the best LB headed to the NFL since Luke Keuchly...until the loss to Auburn when he was virtually the invisible man. What light will the Combine shine on these two?

Also, despite all the QB talk, don't be at all surprised if the luster from Seattle and SF rub off onto teams and we see lots of talk about defensive players at the Combine. Meaning some quality OL, TE's or even receivers, could be ignored some, and artificially drop come draft time.

Michael Shottney, the head NFL writer has his own mock draft, and has put Bridgewater on top. Says he's the best QB to build a franchise on. Says Bortles has the tools, but needs work. Says Manzeil is a lap behind Bortles.

After the miserable season's end in Cleveland, new GM Ray Farmer says he knows who he wants at QB in the draft, but won't say. This is one case where I'd be like Belicheck and not say anything. Especially as it's very likely two QB's will be taken before you even get to pick. You're just opening yourself up to criticism judgement.

Speaking of Belicheck, rumor is he lobbied the Browns owner to hire either Greg Schiano or Josh McDaniels, and may hire Lombardi. I actually think the trio of Lombardi, Banner and Chud were heading the Browns in the right direction. Their defense was improving, and they looked promising with Hoyer at QB. And the trade to dump Richardson for a first round draft pick proved a smart one. Who knows what this total clean slate will do to the team. But the team has a high draft pick, and is in good financial shape.

I personally like this time of the "season" because you get mentally past all the injuries and problems of the sport, and see hope in it's future. It's also a great time to speculate harmlessly.
Alpe d'Huez said:
Michael Shottney, the head NFL writer has his own mock draft, and has put Bridgewater on top. Says he's the best QB to build a franchise on. Says Bortles has the tools, but needs work. Says Manzeil is a lap behind Bortles.

I cklick on this and theres a link next to it saying "top quarterbacks in the nfl" and they have Russel Wilson at number 3 above Brees, Brady Rogers wtf:eek::confused:
#3 for Wilson is too high. That ranking is just a manifestation of having come off a SB win. Although he can do some things Brady, Rogers, and Manning can't. Still, #3 is too high.

True there may be more emphasis on defensive players in the draft selections. SEA and SF prove the old axiom that you have to have at least 2 pass rushers. DEN is really short-handed in that department, which showed in the SB.
Anyone watch the first day of the combine? I've heard a little bit from Johnny Manziel, and based on what I heard I think my impression of him is changing. He just seems a lot more mature than a year ago. I've also heard what teammate Jake Mathews said about him, which was complimentary. Based on what Johnny and Jake said, it does not sound like he is a guy who thinks it is just all about him. And one thing is for sure, his strength is his competitive nature. That should serve him well in the NFL. He really sounds more like Johnny "All Business". Another interesting fact is his hand measured largest of all the QBs.
Lol, even Tebow never went this far:

A former San Diego State running back who has dreams of playing in the NFL left the Combine on Sunday without working out because God allegedly told him that he'll play for the Seattle Seahawks...

[Adam] Muema is so sure about his draft status that he posted a photo of a No. 8 Seahawks jersey on his Facebook page.

"Can't go wrong with God," Muema said.

If I were a GM, I’d wonder if he might leave a team practice for the same reason, like, God told me we’re gonna win the game.

Anyone following the Ray Rice saga? It started as a report that he and his wife had a minor fight. Then it turned out he knocked her unconscious. A video emerged showing him dragging her body out of an elevator. Ugly stuff.

And a serious rift is developing between Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers. Incredibly, the rumors that the team talked to Cleveland, which wanted to trade several high draft picks to the 49ers in return for Harbaugh, proved to be true. He does not get along well with the team President Paraag Marathe or GM Trent Baalke. He wants more power and more money (he is third highest paid coach just in the NFC West).
Jun 15, 2009
Merckx index said:
He wants more power and more money (he is third highest paid coach just in the NFC West).

This extreme money obsession within the USA, I only expierienced in Africa. But there I can understand where most of them suffer.
OTOH in the USA it´s kinda 24 hour brainwash from birth on; either you make more or you are nothing. That this religion isn´t good, we all know since USA is the self proclaimed world leader.
In short; Harbaugh finally made it to my $hit list. I mean he got there almost with his sometimes very coward play calling, and with what Jim McMahon called disgusting in his 1991 interview with "sports inside"; private weight lifting with owner McCaskey (to get a better contract McMahon assumed).
When USC was searching for a head coach, there were rumored to be Trojan alumni the inside telling Pat Hayden to give Harbaugh a call, saying a nice check and comfy office might do the trick to lure him away from the Niners. But there was never a peep that Hayden pursued him.

Of course, for all we know he did early on and the money wasn't enough, the office wasn't cushy enough, or the power not enough.

Foxxy - Of course you are right about the US of A. I don't know how many times you've visited, but even if it's not once your Zen mind/beginner mind sees right to the truth. There is little room for altruism or sympathy in our society. Very little room at all.
Jun 15, 2009
Twice for roughly 4 weeks each. At the end of the 90s. It was a great time. Great people. Never forget...
But even back then freedom was only a word. It got so absurd, that many people from SD (us inclusive) went to Mexico on 4th of July. There, people from the US actually lived freedom (on the back of the Mexicans, which is pretty bad from a moral standpoint) for one day which they missed for the other 364 days; by lightning fireworks on beach, drinking in public, driving cars at the beach, etc. And us right in the middle of this party time.
Some of my other US experience (all funny by that time, even now when I think of it); friend drove drunk (it´s bad I know, but we were young and carefree :)), I saved us by surprising with my knowledge & discussing with the police officer about the Chargers. He was so amazed, he let us go. The women officer wanted to take us to prison, but the guy was pretty cool.
In NYC I had a beer in hand, police car "incognito" stopped by us, threw my beer away and after discussing, again prison was prevented.
Bakersfield; Bar closes at 1 p.m. and took my drinks away without a word. I was stunned.
NYC again; homeless man begs for money in front of 5-star resturant. No one gives a cent! I felt sorry, took the guy to near McDonalds, spent him meal. After that he saved my life when I wanted to cross street, but didn´t watch out for car coming.
Fresno; no smoking in bar allowed (as everywhere) so I made fun of it. At the doorstep beer in left hand inside bar (b/c outside drinking not allowed), cigarette in right hand outside of bar. Everybody was having fun with us guys from Germany.
Sin City Vegas; "my" City. Loved everything. The gambling (never lost a coin, but got free drinks), the women of course, the rollercoasters, the 24-hr-open-everything. Awesome.
When a friend of mine visited again in 2006, I said ok, I won´t go there anymore... He had to give fingerprints at a rollercoaster park!!
And the bad part; All this $hit swaps over here and to Africa inch by inch. Thank you USA. Makes the whole world a big prison by treating every innocent person like a criminal, but having 2.000 nuclear weapons active on “hair-trigger alert”, even after the cold war is over for 20+ years. Grotesque!. :mad:
Well, I can't say I forgive you for being so stupid. Maybe you should have spent the night in jail! Otherwise, glad you had a good visit.

Meanwhile, back to the Combine, now that it's over As is always the case, it's endless talk about QB's for most people, and Barry Switzer had some harsh words for Johnny Manzeil, but also some praise for his ability to read defenses. Brotles seems to be at the top of the heap, and looks like he could be the next Ben Roethlesberger, but even he said he needed to develop more, with much more to learn. And Derrick Carr apparently didn't help himself at times by not throwing. Can he blame his brother? Talk that Teddy Bridgewater chose to not only not throw, but not run at the Combine will hurt him. It's hard to say how much, and unless he falters, he will still get drafted high. Only falling out of the first round would really hurt his pro chances (which he won't).

After a measly 21 bench press reps where people wondered if he was trying, Jadeveon Clowney dazzled with one impressive performance after another, and gave coaches the impression he wanted to win, and would do whatever it takes to help the team that drafts him. So, is he the next Aldon Smith, or the next Mario Williams, or..? I'm personally hoping that Oakland picks him, and looks for a QB later in the draft.

Running Backs aren't valued how they used to be, but if Dri Archer can catch the ball (was a WR and kick returner in HS), he could be something. The guy was lightning fast, and showed great moves, plus strength considering he's undersized. But he's no insider runner, nor an every down player. Still, Darren Sproles is small, and doesn't play every down either, and teams would kill to have him. Or is Archer the next Trent Richardson?

Here's a good article about who rose and fell at the Combine, courtesy of the Boston Globe. I think what I appreciate most about this article what they didn't say (can you figure it out?!)

Pro Days start soon, and we'll get good looks at Bridgewater, March 17, both Carr and Bortles on the 19th, and finally Manzeil on the 27th.

Draft is on May 8.
Just in case anyone is paying attention, free agency starts now. Here's a good article on USA Today about it, and what to expect.

Michael Bennett resigned with Seattle before things even heated up. He must have really wanted to stay.

Also interesting is that it if they can't somehow trade him, it looks like Tampa will cut Darrell Revis, probably the best cornerback in the NFL (along with Sherman? You tell me.)

After a decade in salary cap hell, with more dead money than any other team by far, the Oakland Raiders are crawling out of it and have cap money to spend. Will Reggie McKenzie use that money wisely and build teams the way the Patriots, Seahawks and 49ers do? Or is he merely going to blow it all?

Speaking of the Raiders, could they move to Oregon? Fans there want the team, the governor supports the idea, and it's the biggest city in the US with only one major sports franchise. I'd love to see this, but who knows if it will happen? I still think Oakland will find a way to build a stadium to keep them there. There's too much to lose letting them go.

Good article from on all team's needs heading into FA and the draft.

Finally, look for no team to touch Richie Incognito, and when the draft is over, the commissioner to pile it on by suspending him for at least a year, maybe longer, to get him out of the league. Big question where Jonathan Martin ends up.
Listening, yes. But there is only so much free agent talk I can handle. Is it me or is there just more talk about it this year? Seems that is what Goodell wanted to create... more year-round media frenzy... by moving the draft into May. I mean literally talking for hours about Andre Ware being released by Dallas.

Reevis is still elite. But honestly I'd rather have the younger Sherman.

Not surprised Santonio Holmes was cut by the Jets. Should have happened sooner just based on his distracting style of leadership... or should I say lack of leadership.

For Oakland, it will be a 3 or 4 year process to rebuild. And they can't get impatient and spend all that money foolishly. A move to OR would be cool. I don't expect that anytime soon. At least until they have exhausted all options in the Bay Area.

Even if Ritchie does not get much of a ban, I can't imagine any team wanting to risk taking him on. Except maybe the Browns, which is a messed up org.
Ouch! Still, I think Incognito is out of the NFL, permanently. Even the Browns aren't that stupid. Plus, as I said, after free agency, and then the draft, his name will pop up only when Goodell suspends him for a long time. There is no way Goodell wants that guy ever playing football again, especially with players like Michael Sam coming out and the NFL's response to it (and the Arizona anti-gay bill). There will be no room for intolerance and harassment like what Incongnito showed in Goodell's NFL. What the NFL wants to hear is what Deion said about every team he played for had gay players, everyone knew who they were, and no one cared.

I hear you on the money talk. You're right in that they're trying to hype it year round. It's a bit much. DeMarcus Ware, btw. But I get you. Julius Peppers was another aging player discarded.

Big catch by the Dolphins to sign Branden Albert (former KC tackle). They need OL help, and Albert was maybe the best on the market.

Perhaps showing teams can turn quickly in the NFL from loser to winner, the Jaguars may be building a good team. They picked up Zane Beadles and Toby Gerhart, and were actually able to trade Blaine Gabbert to SF, instead of having to release him, or let him languish on the bench.

The Chiefs, in addition to losing Albert, lost Dexter McCluster, Geoff Schwartz, Jon Asamoah and Tyson Jackson. Yeow.

Martin signed by SF, which is a good fit, as he signs with his college coach. He'll be playing special teams for the most part, but he'll get a fair chance.

If you ask me, the Broncos way overpaid for Aqib Talib. $28m guaranteed out of $56m? Then they spent some $23m for TJ Ward. Really?? When the Peyton Manning era is over, the Broncos are going to be in a similar money hole the Raiders have been in for the last decade.

The Raiders appear to be clumsy with their new cash. They let both starters OT Jared Veldheer and DE Lamarr Houston go without signing them, but picked up Austin Howard (maybe not as good). Hmmm.

What would be kind of cool about the Raiders moving to Oregon is that the Raiders used to have somewhat of a heated rivalry with Seattle in the 80's mostly. When Sea move to the NFC, that shifted to division rivals StL and SF. Not that having the Raiders move some 600 miles north would make the rivalry more significant than inner division rivals, but it would certainly create one as far as the cities of Portland and Seattle go. But the only way Oakland moves there is if all the chips fall into place. It would take a very fast, very confident deal where the state and a large group of private sponsors put up the money and start construction on a beautiful stadium soon. Not likely to happen.
My brain fart. But you got it... Demarcus Ware.

Yeah my eyes have been opened by Jags as I think they are making some good moves. Except Beadles, who I think is overrated and is not a great blocker.

Martin to SF is a good move for both sides. Martin gets to reboot behind an already solid line. He won't start, unless someone gets injured, but SF likes to bring in extra linemen for the run game, and so I think he will get good playing time.
The Broncos also added Ware

Pundits on FoxSports were up in arms about how the Broncos would be unstoppable, at least in the AFC this coming season with these added players. I say not so fast. First, This is DeMarcus Ware 2014, not 2008. Next, I think it's a bit of a stretch to think Manning isn't aging and will have a season close to last year's. I'm not saying he's going to stink, no way. but he won't throw for 50 TDs. Here's why. Several of these older players on the team are aging, and one hit away from injury as well. Both Talib and Ware were hurt last year.

Even before they signed all these big names, they were in a fairly tight position cap wise. They were able to sign these guys by backloading some serious money, much of it guaranteed, to them and grossly overspending IMO. Elway says no, but the numbers don't lie. The team most comparable to this in recent years is the Cowboys. It's like the Broncos are trying to wash away the nightmare Superbowl loss with the money hose. If I were a Broncos fan, I would be less happy and a little stressed about the future. If they can't win the Superbowl this year, they are going to be in such a financial hole the team is going to suffer for several years with all the money they are doling out.

Playing catchup, the Pats signed Revis, but got him at a decent price.
Here's a link to Redskins updates. Not a great deal of activity. They signed Andre Roberts, a quick, streaky WR, which one could interpret that the new offense will feature more throws between 5-20 yards. They were able to re-sign Deangelo Hall, and used the franchise tag on Brian Orakpo.

Skins have the 2nd pick in the 2nd round in the draft. Look for them to start stacking up on linemen, on both sides of the ball.

I also expect them to start heavily shopping Kirk Cousins as the draft approaches.

Be happy, your team could be Oakland, with Reggie McKenzie asleep at the wheel. Or Tampa. Can someone explain to me why, when the Buccaneers have Mike Glennon, who played fairly well last year in a fill in role, Lovie Smith says they need a franchise QB (meaning, "not you, Glennon"), so they go out and sign...Josh McCown? For $10m?? The same McCown that played slightly better than the rookie Glennon, while playing for a superior Chicago team? The same McCown that was basically mediocre starting in Oakland a couple years back?

Then again, there's slim pickings in the FA QB list this year. Michael Vick anyone?

Teddy Bridgewater's Pro Day is on Monday, and since he did next to nothing at the Combine, and seemed aloof when talking there (at least Manziel was mentally on focus), he really needs to shine. Sink or swim time for Teddy.
Amster: It has been a slow start for the Skins in the free agent market. But they just added 6-foot-6, 299-pound, ex-Dallas DT Jason Hatcher, who had 11 sacks. WAS has a lot of needs; IMO DLine, S, and OLine. They just addressed part of that by signing Hatcher. Their OLine is terrible (RT, G, and C). RT Polumbus is below average. They need to address the OLine if they want to give RG3 any chance for success at all. Other areas they might look to improve or add depth are WR and TE.

OAKLAND: With all that cap space dough you'd-a-thunk they woulda made some splash before now. But they did give Rams OL Saffold a sniff, but he failed the physical. And they did just land NYG DE Justin Tuck and PIT LB Lamar Woodley.

BUCS: Adding Josh McCown surprised me when they had a descent QB Glennon. Some folks thought the Bears were done when Cutler went down with injury last year, but McCown held his own. Still, I question the acquisition of McCown when they have so many other needs (DE4-3, TE, OT, LG, WR, OLB4-3, MLB). Glennon was good enough for me to think if they just give him more help on the OL and WR/TE positions... who knows. And they have draft pick #7 overall. And this draft is deep at OT and WR. Man, there are some really athletic OTs in this draft.
Plus, all the focus on QB's and receivers will help the Skins. I'll be really surprised if they don't grab the biggest nasty OL that's left when their draft pick comes up. Not saying they need a Richie Incognito guy, but there are linemen who are naturally very physical and not too worried about penalties and talking smack to remind teammates it's a war of the trenches, and the Skins need that right now.

Justin Tuck is a good grab for Oakland, simply because they got a good deal on him. They may have overpaid for Woodley, that remains to be seen. Props to the Raiders for waking up and not signing Rodger Saffold who they say failed a physical. Raiders say he has a torn hip muscle, Rams say no, and hold him. Either way, it saves the Raiders some cash.

The Browns released Brandon Weeden. I'm not sure where he'll end up, or what his future holds, but I'm sure he's happy to not still be in Cleveland. Last I heard, even though he was often benched, he was a big supporter of coach Chud and very upset when he was fired.

The Jets appear to be interested in Michael Vick. I think this may be his only shot. That or stay in Philly. No talk at all anywhere about Mark Sanchez. I'm wondering if the Jets will release him before the draft.
Also, Amster should be happy his team is not the Browns.

And on Weeden, I agree he should be happy to not be a Brown anymore. The only sad thing about it for him is he's no spring chicken with a lot of experience (he's 30 YO and a 2 year vet), and the past 2 years was in some ways a waste of time that he does not have a lot of left. I'm sure he learned some things and his time there was not a complete waste, but this is not what he hoped for coming into the NFL in 2012 as a 28 YO rookie.

I think Vick to the Jets is a good fit for several reasons. First, who else around the league is going to offer Vick a chance to start? Not many. He will get a chance with the Jets, so for Vick that's all he can really hope for. Second, it is good for the Jets b/c they would have a veteran QB who can show these young dumb QBs how to go about winning in this league. Third, and b/c of that, maybe Vick can help turn one of those young dumb QBs into something special. And on my list of the young and dumb Jet QBs is Sanchez. Yes, he will still be a Jet come next fall unless he really flops somehow. I predict that b/c it is unlikely the Jets will release him b/c if they did the Jets would still owe him $5M in cap money this coming year. If they cut Sanchez, that $5M is dead money (money paid to players not on the roster).

SEA made a few good moves to retain players so far. And they made a few good moves to not retain players from the Super Bowl team. I think some SEA fans are unhappy the team let go of some players (Tate to DET, Clemons to JAX, Bryant to JAX, McDonald to BUCS, Giacomini to NYJ, Browner to NE, Schofield to NYG, Maragos to PHI). And Walter Thurmond's status is still up in the air as he is visiting teams this week, including SF. (Walter, if you are listening, PLEASE STAY IN SEATTLE.) I will miss those guys they let go, except the RT, but the move to let them fly had to be with good reason. Namely, the biggest SEA free agents in 2015 includes:
Byron Maxwell,
Cliff Avril,
Earl Thomas,
K.J. Wright,
Malcolm Smith,
Richard Sherman,
Jermaine Kearse,
and biggest 2016 SEA free agents will include (amongst others):
Marshawn Lynch,
Russell Okung,
Russell Wilson,
Bobby Wagner,
Brandon Mebane,
J.R. Sweezy,
Robert Turbin,
Zach Miller.
So Seattle is trying to save cap money for the stars I highlighted who I think will get the attention, although the others may as well. Lynch will be 29 years old by then, so SEA may have a tough decision to make, considering their depth at RB.


Mar 16, 2014
who the champion at the end of the season?