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It’s speculated Rodgers has more injuries, especially fractures, due to corticosteroid use for pain which weakness the bones. Fracture in the other extra curricular activities Rodgers takes part in on top of not seeming to take his body as seriously. That’s not to say he went Big Ben mode but Brady took a lot better care of his fitness, pliability, and diet. Then factor in Brady’s dedication to maintain that while Rodgers enjoys the finer things in life more. Like Sharpe always said, the fact Brady still wanted to perform and be his best at meetings, practices, OTAs, during and off season was remarkable and one of a kind. Truly a cause of my talent might not be better than all of you or even close to some of you but my work ethic is far superior.
So you don't think that listening to dolphins mating is going to help him? :p
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The Sean Payton era is off to a great start. Lol. Broncos get beat by a Sam Howell led offense. Howell looked solid hitting 27/39 for 299 - 2 scores and no picks against a Sean Payton designed defense. Broncos were bad in the red zone (2-4) vs (3-3) for the Commanders. A little magic there at the end with the Hail Mary TD pass but unable to complete the 2 pt conversion for the tie

So, the Broncos find themselves starting the season at 0-2 with both losses at home. Fans were starting to leave mid-4th qtr & you could hear the boo birds getting restless. They join the surprising 0-2 Chargers with the Chiefs & Raiders at 1-1.
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Is Jones an NFL QB1? BB seems to think so, but man, I'm not convinced.

Irrelevant thing that made me laugh today:
Olsen: "He's getting a steel plate inserted in his shoe." A steel plate?! I can go into a dozen stores and get standard carbon plates in about 5 different stiffness, and two stores and get custom carbon plates, but a top flight millionaire athlete is getting steel?! Come on Greg!
SEA with the win!
-Myers needs to get his head right! If he hits those field goals, or even one of those field goals...
-I was really worried with TWO backup O linemen.
-What was Geno thinking not getting rid of the ball!
Myers hooked everything left on the misses.
The O line gave Geno most of the protection he needed. His walkabout to the the Seahawks end zone was his own doing!!!! Fortunately he finished strong. Good game.
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Ravens looked pretty good and Miami had too much offense for the Patriots and was also having success with the pass rush.

Denver, Chargers and Bengals under pressure already. Giants have given up 70 points in two games and struggled to beat the Cardinals.49ers still too good for the Rams in a pretty entertaining game., Crazy game at Denver. Talk about a game of two halves. One of the surprises for me is the Buccs being 2-0 after looking pretty average last season.
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That Chubb injury was gruesome. Sounds like multiple ligament damage.. NFL refused to show the full replay. But Utube is all over it.............
I think that the NFL is being more careful than normal after the Rodgers injury many current and ex players made public comments to varying degrees about the turf being the cause to comments that said it was a contributor..I think with all the head injury conversation the last thing that they want is a prolonged dialogue on injuries..
That Chubb injury was gruesome. Sounds like multiple ligament damage.. NFL refused to show the full replay. But Utube is all over it.............
Very gruesome...there's a good video of it that's still up on YouTubeshorts. The force that Fitzpatrick comes in at when he drives his shoulder & side into the knee of Chubb & the way the joint completely hyperextends is unbelievable. We're talking about a 207 lb safety with 4.45 speed coming at you full throttle.

Sadly, this is the same knee that Chubb suffered another gruesome injury to when he tore multiple ligaments & cartilage 8 yrs ago when he played at Georgia.

The injury must be so bad that the Browns medical staff is not releasing the details of the MRI. Major structural damage for sure. This orthopedic surgeon doesn't think the future looks good for Chubb:

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I'm here. Just on vacation. Only caught some of a few games. That Chubb injury was indeed horrifying. My guess is if he comes back it will be 2025, and likely never be the same. Details will come out, but I'm speculating it's like Bridgewater's injury, where he basically tore everything.

Rodgers is dreaming if he think's he'll be back come playoff time. I'm no doctor, but...

Wilson looked good for 1Q, then a few good plays, and a lucky hail mary to pump stats. He mostly looked like he did in 2022, with a few good passes, most of them short, some bad misses, and hesitant or poor decisions. Hardly a HOF player that genius Sean Payton was going to fix. They play @MIA next week. Then might get a break playing at CHI, then back home against the Jets. Then, it gets rough: @KC, GB, KC, @BUF. The current Denver team we are seeing could end up 2-7 by that time.

Can't believe how bad the Bengals looked.

Strange how some teams who looked good/bad in week 1, look the opposite in week 2.

Seattle-Detroit and Atlanta-GB looked like playoff games how intense they were.