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New Jerseys - 2023 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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Talking about Lidl. Let's just hope they don't get Pedersen to design the kit...

But... hasn't it been revealed already?

Source: https://news.italy24.press/sports/596880.html (11 days ago) . I really don't know how reliable it is.

And the tweet from Trek about winning a set is also 11 days old. And I haven't actually seen anything from the team regarding what the new kit will look like.
However, I'm not too surprised if Pedersen's "guess" is way off; it would be a bit weird if he won a set... that's he's gonna get anyway.
Im not saying its fake image, though Id be surprised if Trek have been keeping it under wraps, how Italy24 are happily publishing a copy of a publicity photo.

But I just dont get where the gold/beige comes into it ? or why it mangles up the Pirelli logo on the sleeves as a result. also thats Mads Pedersen right ? so wheres his rainbow sleeve accents gone ?

weve seen pictures of the new wrap on the team car, which looks exactly as youd expect with the Lidl yellow,red & blue very prominent colours, so I was anticipating the kit would follow something more like that, though how theyll split between their men & women kits but keep the similar yet distinct designs with them we wait to see.

stranger things have happened though of course, it just seems an odd design choice, and not exactly singing title sponsored team to me.
Ah, screw it, let's just have a special separate version of the kit for every race with an accompanying piece of frivolous, vacuous PR drivel, why not? "Our special edition kit for the Itzulia this year includes light grey detailing chosen to represent the specific type of concrete on the industrial estate in Egüés where the team is based, to emphasise our connections to our roots in the region."