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Official Movistar Thread - New Unzue's Team

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Oct 18, 2009
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Movistar in action in Australia





I think that the helmets have done their work to break the monotony of the jerseys.


Jun 16, 2009
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interview El Imbatido

How many Movistar team members you left behind during training?
"(Laughs) The level of the Movistar team is very good and there are riders who are very, very good. Is not easy to break away from them because there are those who come from Australia, those from Argentina, others have just started, so there are different levels of form in the team. I saw that I could stay with those who are in great shape or already won races like Tondo, Rojas, Ventoso and Soler, or even I did very well and I could stay ahead of them, meaning that my condition is not that bad " .

Your return will be end of this year, but what everyone is asking, which team?
We must wait a bit 'but I would not go too far with the season to have a certainty about my future: to May or June I hope that everything is settled though, I repeat, my first option will always be Movistar.

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