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Teams & Riders Official Wout Van Aert thread

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MVDP and Wout have their unique strengths (relative to each other), but they meet in the middle in CX and in 1 day classics. And to this point, MVDP has proven to be superior in those arenas. I'm an MVDP fan, but at this point I think it is fair to say he just has more of champion's mentality (killer instinct and willingness to risk losing to win) mentality than Wout. And as strong as Wout is, he just doesn't have MVDP's freakish explosiveness that allows him to get separation and win bike races against the very best in the world when they are all in for the win. He also doesn't have MVDP's handle which buys him seconds that add up. All that said, Wout is has proven to be the more versatile road racer which counts for a lot. Doesn't get much more freakish than winning a TT, Ventoux, Champs Elysees in one TDF.
I keep the belief that riding the Tour is the best preparation that Van Aert can have for the Olympics who I guess is now the priority for him.

However, this depends on how fast Vingegaard recovers because apparently he doesn't want to do hard domestique duty for him and the Vuelta has several hilly/medium mountain stages that should suit him really well and should give a good preparation for the Worlds as long as he doesn't have to do too much work for Vingegaard.
I think he will ride the Tour with an eye to the Olympics. He can get in shape during the Grande Boucle and be a protagonist on the last week of the race winning a stage considering he is versatile.

La Vuelta could be the best warm up for the World Championships. A free and an unchained Wout Van Aert would be absolutely worth to watch it. He has many stages where he can put his sign on.
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I hope he won't ride the tour, to nervous a race. His real goals are the world and especially the Olympics this year, there are other ways to prepare for that. However the facts that Laporte rides the Giro worries me. Maybe they have been switched around.