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Olympic Road Race Men

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Jun 12, 2012
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Hey all,
Just wondering does anyone know what caused the Cancelara crash?
Also what happened to Sagan in the race?

I turned off watching early as I couldn't put up with the poor commentary/lack of gap times/progress etc. it was like watching a sportive. not that sportives are bad, they are not! but you know what I mean. They showed the guys taking p!ss breaks. jeez.
The Hitch said:
Rigos success is still being treated brilliantly in Colombia though.

And whats more, what we saw here is no accident. For someone like Uran to contest the win and get a silver medal on a course like this, I don't think even Ryo saw that coming.

indeed- Rigo is being praised in all corners of my country as a hero-and honestly- he's outdone all "realistic" expectations for the Colombian team. overall I'm extremely happy for him & hoping SKY will take good care of him, because he's a star in the making.:)
Sep 25, 2009
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The Hitch said:
Its funny that if you think about it, probably not 1 of the eventual podium would have even made the team for a lot of the nations today. Certainly not Britain, Belgium Canada, probably not Spain, Italy Australia.

For Holland all 3 would have made it :eek: