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Paris-Nice 2024, March 3-10

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All the current best push and push ,Remco, Pogocar, Vingegaard all jump hard,hard again and when you don't answer, they gap you and ride an ITT!!
Yesterday 80k!!
Roglic rides too relative for my liking, he is a good counter puncher but doesn't slaughter people as a habit. A couple days into March and the others have already shown that if you don't respect them they will ride away and ruin your race.
I like all the big smiles and ski jumper back story, but I enjoy more watching people get furious that someone humiliated them and solo just jammed up the road ,racing like their life depends on it..Roglic never makes people feel helpless, Remco makes riders want to sell their bikes at the end of the race!!
I wonder about this in the time trial. Roglic looks pretty isolated, team is not very strong..?

Yeah I think they were too far back when it was time for bonus seconds, and then after Remco and Roglic went away Bora were quick to disappear. I expected Vlasov to be somewhat closer. We always talk about these superstars, but a strong team is really a big help. The old Visma would've probably put him into a better position today.

Then again Bora has a lot to learn as far as GC riding is concerned. They managed to win that Giro with Hindley, but it's not like Visma, UAE, etc. who race each race with GC in mind. There's a lot of experience there.

What can we take away from the first stage?

1. Rogla was ahead of Remco at the finish
2. Remco showing insecurity by going for bonus seconds.

After day 1 in my book it's Rogla 2 vs Remco 0.
Roglic made a substantial tactical error that he got away with this time. He let the wheel go when Remco attacked, which was a mistake. What if he had a mechanical or a crash while Remco was attacking. He did pull it back, but that was not smart racing leaving himself exposed.

This tactical mistake was made evident by who was following Evenepoel, Bernal and other GC riders.

Remco took his foot off the gas once the peloton was under the 3km banner so was Roglic spending more energy to finish ahead of Remco for no reason. Why not simply sit on Remco's wheel to the finish since Roglic wasn't going to finish top 3 in the stage.
With guys like Evenepoel, Bernal, Pogacar, MvdP, WvA, you know they are not afraid to eat some wind, cause some splits and provide entertainment (reminder: watching racing = entertainment, and nothing else). If it wasn't Roglic but Pog, they were gone and the 'dumb(*)' move would have been a very good one (it's called selffullfilling prophecy, but you have those who can pull it off and those who can't or won't).

Ofcourse, like in every Western movie, besides the good guys mentioned above, you also need some bad guys (Escartin will be the ugly one) like Gerrans, Roglic, Zubeldia, Valvderd, Van Garderen... to provide extra draft for the heroes that are pulling, by sucking their wheels.

So I want to thank Roglic who seems to be in good shape, thus hard to drop and dangerous if Remco is overconfident. Without wheelsuckers like him, we wouldn't have a competitive race.

(*) dumb moves are those that make you lose the race. This move wasn't winning, but wasn't losing either. It could have been winning in certain circumstances, and there was nothing lost with trying.