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Do you think Sagan’s behaviour on the podium wrong?

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Jul 23, 2011
hrotha said:
I don't think sportsmen or celebrities should be role models or behave as such, and I think this wouldn't have been any better if it had been some no-name amateur rider instead of Sagan.
It's not a choice they are in the spotlight and the world can see them.
Caruut said:
Yikes. Just because some women are okay with it some of the time does not mean all of them will be all of the time. The fact that some women have indicated that they are willing to sleep with me does not give me license to sleep with whomever I choose on the basis of extrapolation.
More than half of those comments are from men not women!
Voted number 2.

Personally I find the podiumgirls an unneccecary distraction. I'm a man with bad attention control, and those girls get me thinking about other things than cycling when I see them.

I would rather think about cycling when I'm watching cycling.

As for the question of culture, feminism, etc. The podium girls seem like a relic of the past. Wouldn't be surprised if they limited the appeal regarding sponsors as well.

As for Sagan, he is from Eastern Europe, and is brought up in an Italian cycling context. But cycling has a bigger audience, so he has to limit his impulses.
RHRH19861986 said:
Shocked so many people here on board dislike what Sagan did. As I said, till now, I thought us Germans were the only ones being such puritans... :eek::confused:

It almost forces me to create a new poll:

What did Sagan say to the lady while touching her a**?
- Let´s meet this evening, I can do it to you while doing a wheelie at 40 kph!
- I´d prefer to ride your wheels even over riding my Cannondale!
- I won´t ride Roubaix just to not harm my erection power, just for you!
He didn't even have the nerve to do it while her attention was on him. He did it sneakily while she was occupied with Cancellara. I've got a poll for you:

If the podium girl had reacted by slapping Sagan would she have been in the wrong to do so?
auscyclefan94 said:
LOL, I was kidding. :eek:

If you want to read hysteria on this issue, please read the twitter feed of Jane Aubrey. A typical, hysterical feminist reaction. I could just imagine the uproar if this happened in Australia with all the Women's Lib groups going absolutely bananas.
I can recall a few misogynistic posts among your 10k+ tally so your belief that this is overblown is not surprising. What is pleasantly surprising to me is that you actually saw anything wrong with what Sagan did. Thumbs up at least for that.
Sep 29, 2012
Angliru said:
He didn't even have the nerve to do it while her attention was on him. He did sneakily while she was occupied with Cancellara. I've got a poll for you:

If the podium girl had reacted by slapping Sagan would she have been in the wrong to do so?
Or perhaps a poll of what body parts are acceptable to grab or pinch on the podium?
Sagan re-defines butthead.

Classless move by someone who is used to being in the spotlight, which means that he deserves whatever criticism he finds. Moreover, it is particularly poor form in the greater context of the controversies surrounding cycling.

bissib said:
With all due respect, why do you feel like you are speaking for the girl involved? Or just generally for all women? Why does it always have to be women (as if they were a homogenous group) vs. men (as if they were a homogenous group)? This particular guy pinched an *** of a particular girl and she didn't seem to mind. If she didn't mind, why do other women mind?

No, I don't think that men should be allowed to pinch a girl's *** anytime they please (my girl would kill me if I tried to propose something like that). And I already said so, what Sagan did was inappropriate. But yeah, when a young rider full of testosterone pinches an *** of a girl that gets paid to kiss random men on a podium and she doesn't mind it, it is a very childish and inappropriate thing to do, but not any "sexual assault" or anything that should be given more attention than the actual winner himself.

Sorry, but cry me a river.
Was she really in a position to react in any way other than to smile and laugh it off? If she in fact did later file a complaint would that have any bearing on your opinion since you seem to believe that "she didn't seem to mind? I think you are confusing the European tradition of kissing one another on the cheek as that being an invitation to grope indiscriminantly without fear of the consequences.

According to you, podium girls are to be disrespected and violated because of the jobs that they've chosen. If all the riders felt the way that you and Sagan feel there would certainly be a helluva alot more of what happened going on.
Jan 23, 2013
Sagan showed either a major lapse in decision-making, or a complete lack of class as a person. Either way, it's embarrassing.

That said, if women do not want to be objectified, they should cease to accept jobs where they are paid for their role as "eye-candy". The podium girl in question definitely did not deserve to be groped by a crude dude, but she does short-sell women in general by accepting such a job.

I have always thought it was strange that a woman dressed-to-impress and kissing a total stranger (often a married man) is a way to celebrate a victory in such a prestigious sporting event. Double-cheek-kiss podium photos are always stupid looking, cliche', and just goofy IMO.
Class won the race, crass won the headlines.

I can guarantee anyone with a daughter thought his behaviour was disgusting, everyone should have. What's more disgusting is people defending it and implying the lady should either expect or enjoy it. People are really showing their true colours in this thread and many of you should be ashamed of yourselves.
Mar 10, 2009
Angliru said:
Same here. I'm pretty shocked that so many don't see a problem with it. Are the cultural divides that vast?
SafeBet said:
We've seen posters from pretty much everywhere in the world defending Sagan on this.
Its not about Cultural Divides but knowing there are situational occurrences of events which might be used outside its normal context to conjure up a laugh, be shocking, be flirtatious, or many other things. Again, the girl just stood there and then prolonged her podium kiss and laughed at the event.

Why are people not equally appalled at her prolonged kiss with Fabian? Anyone who's married knows well what will happen if something like that looks odd such as a prolonged kiss and in front of the wife will end up with Fabian in hot water. Or are the wives expected to put up with that? And its OK no problem?
Mar 10, 2009
King Boonen said:
I can guarantee anyone with a daughter thought his behaviour was disgusting, everyone should have.
Any male with a daughter is bound to be disgusted, just look at the reference point :D



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