Post Danmark Rundt (2.HC) August 4 - August 8

The 25th edition of this race will see live broadcast on Eurosport and Danish National Television.

Stage 1: Struer-Holstebro - 180 km

Stage 2: Ringkøbing-Århus - 234 km

Stage 3: Vejle-Vejle - 185 km

Stage 4: Slagelse-Frederiksværk - 115 km

Stage 5: Helsingør - 13 km (ITT)

Stage 6: Hillerød-Frederiksberg - 150 km

Aug 4, 2010
you can just make Prtscreen of those profiles/maps and upload them on some pic sharing site like photobucket or imgur, and then copy the address of the picture and paste it here to the OP, it takes a bit of time but its not that difficult :)
Start list:


1. Michael Valgren (Denmark)
2. Matti Breschel (Denmark)
3. Christopher Juul-Jensen (Denmark)
4. Michael Kolar (Slovakia)
5. Jay Mccarthy (Australia)
6. Juraj Sagan (Slovakia)
7. Michael Mørkøv (Denmark)
8. Michael Gogl (Austria)


11. Lars Bak (Denmark)
12. Sean De Bie (Belgium)
13. Kenny Dehaes (Belgium)
14. Frederic Frison (Netherlands)
15. Pim Ligthart (Netherlands)
16. Jelle Vanendert (Belgium)
17. Tosh Van der Sande (Belgium)
18. Dennis Vanendert (Belgium)


21. Jakob Fuglsang (Denmark)
22. Valerio Agnoli (Italy) 

23. Maxat Ayazbayev (Kazakhstan)
24. Daniel Fominykh (Kazakhstan)
25. Laurens De Vress (Belgium)

26. Arman Kamyshev (Kazakhstan) 

27. Ruslan Tleubayev (Kazakhstan)
28. Lars Boom (Netherlands) 


31. Lars Petter Nordhaug (Norway)
32. Nathan Earle (Australia)
33. Sebastian Henao (Colombia)
34. Christian Knees (Germany)
35. Kanstansin Siutsou (Belarus)
36. Christopher Sutton (Australia)
37. Ben Swift (Great Britain)
38. Alex Peters (Great Britain)


41. Jimmy Engoulvent (France)
42. Dan Graven (Namibia)
43. Giovanni Bernaudeau (France)
44. Vincent Jerome (France)
45. Morgan Lamoisson (France)
46. Yannick Martinez (France)
47. Julien Morice (France)
48. Alexandre Pichot (France)

Wanty-Groupe Gobert

51. Enrico Gasparotto (Italy)
52. James Vanlandschoot (Belgium)
53. Tom Devriendt (Belgium)
54. Boris Dron (Belgium)
55. Kevin Callebaut (Belgium)
56. Marco Marcato (Italy)
57. Simone Antonini (Italy)
58. Robin Stenuit (Belgium)


61. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Norway)
62. Theo Bos (Netherlands)
63. Gerald Ciolek (Germany)
64. Andreas Stauff (Germany)
65. Jaco Venter (South Africa)
66. Kristian Sbaragli (Italy)
67. Nicolas Doubla (South Africa)
68. Serge Pauwels (Belgium)


71. Enrico Battaglin (Italy)
72. Nicola Ruffoni (Italy)
73. Luca Sterbini (Italy)
74. Simone Sterbini (Italy)
75. Nicola Boem (Italy)
76. Paolo Simion (Italy)
77. Andrea Piechele (Italy)
78. Alessandro Tonelli (Italy)

Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise

81. Kenny De Ketele (Belgium)
82. Jarl Salomein (Belgium)
83. Moreno De Pauw (Belgium)
84. Amary Capiot (Belgium)
85. Jens Wallis (Belgium)
86. Stijn Steels (Belgium)
87. Floris De Tier (Belgium)
88. Preben Van Hecke (Belgium)

Novo Nordisk

91. Andrea Peron (Italy) 

92. Martijn Verschoor (Netherlands)
93. Joonas Henttale (Finland)
94. Javier Megias (Spain) 

95. Christopher Williams (Australia)
96. James Glasspool (Australia)
97. Charles Planet (France)
98. David Lozano (Spain)


101. Phil Bauhaus (Germany) 

102. Cesare Benecietti (Italy)
103. Patrick Konrad (Australia)
104. Christoph Pfingsten (Germany)
105. Bjørn Thurau (Germany)
106. Scott Thwaites (Great Briatin)
107. Daniel Schorn (Austria)
108. Gregor Mühlberger (Austria)


111. Michel Kreder (Netherlands)
112. Brian Van Goethem (Netherlands)
113. Sjoerd Van Ginneken (Netherlands)
114. Raymond Kreder (Netherlands)
115. Marc De Maar (Curacao)
116. Maurits Lammertink (Netherlands)
117. Ivar Slik (Netherlands)
118. Mike Terpstra (Netherlands)

Cult Energy

121. Linus Gerdemann (Germany)
122. Michael Carbel (Denmark) 

123. Rasmus Guldhammer (Denmark) 

124. Mads Pedersen (Denmark)
125. Martin Mortensen (Denmark) 

126. Troels Vinther (Denmark)
127. Rasmus Quaade (Denmark) 

128. Michael Reihs (Denmark)

TreFor-Blue Water

131. Søren Kragh-Andersen (Denmark)
132. Asbjørn Kragh-Andersen (Denmark)
133. Michael Olsson (Sweden)
134. Daniel Foder (Denmark)
135. Jonas Wilsly Gregaard (Denmark)
136. Alex Rasmussen (Denmark)
137. Patrick Clausen (Denmark)
138. Mark Sehested Pedersen (Denmark)


141. Alexander Kamp (Denmark)
142. Mads Würtz Schmidt (Denmark)
143. Rune Almindsø (Denmark)
144. Christian Moberg Jørgensen (Denmark)
145. Jesper Odgaard (Denmark)
146. Rolf Nyborg Broge (Denmark)
147. Christian Nyvang Lund (Denmark)
148. Dennis Herforth (Denmark)


151. Heine Winding (Denmark)
152. Stefan Djurhus (Denmark)
153. Martin Toft Madsen (Denmark)
154. Jesper Juul Andreasen (Denmark)
155. Christoffer Lisson (Denmark)
156. Emil Ravnsholt (Denmark)
157. Simon Bigum (Denmark)
158. Mathias Dam Westergaard (Denmark)

Riwal Platform

161. Jonas Aaen Jørgensen (Denmark)
162. Nikola Aistrup (Denmark)
163. Emil Bækhøj Halvorsen (Denmark)
164. Nicolai Brøchner (Denmark)
165. Martin Grøn (Denmark)
166. Rasmus Mygind (Denmark)
167. Casper Pedersen (Denmark
168. Morten Øllegaard (Denmark)

Post Danmark (national team)

171. Magnus Cort (Denmark)
172. Magnus Bak Klaris (Denmark) 

173. Mathias Krigbaum (Denmark) 

174. Daniel Hartvig (Denmark) 

175. Kasper Asgreen (Denmark)
176. Nicolaj Moltke Steen (Denmark) 

177. Jesper Schultz (Denmark) 

178. Frederik Zeuner (Denmark)
Jul 16, 2011
But those profiles make the Tour of the Basque country look like a race for softies, even before you take the wind into account. :eek:

Will Birdsong be able to fly away from Breschel?
Hoping that Jay Mccarthy can continue his promising ride from Tour of Turkey earlier this year. Stage 3 should suit him well. Will also be interesting to see what Mühlberger can do, has had a terrific season so far.

And then of course the Danes: Cristopher Juul and Breschel should be able to show themselves, Cult are always very motivated here and they bring Quaade, Guldhammer and the young talent Mads Pedersen. Then there is the Kragh brothers, Søren (the younger one) has had a great season and could get a nice result in the gc. He was 4th in the tt last year and he is good on the hills too.
Let's see what damage Kiddesvej in Vejle does this year. There's no less than 6 Danes as top favorites: Fuglsang (on good form), Breschel (likewise,but doesn't like the time trial), Bak (seems in super form), Mørkøv (unknown form factor,but motivated),Cort (impressive last year,but also lacks TT skills) and young Chris Juul-Jensen. My pick is the latter, since he is a favorite for the time trial and should do more than decent in Vejle.

Their biggest competition is IMO from MTN. Both Boasson Hagen and Pauwels arrive in form and motivated.

The Bardiani boys Bongiorno,Zardini and Battaglin should be well suited for 3rd stage,but they kinda disappointed on Kiddesvej last year.

Obviously someone from Topsport will do well (as they tend to do), and other names that might be in the mix: Gerdemann,Tleubayev,Nordhaug,Sioutsou, De Bie and De Maar.
First stage should see potential echelon racing with 60k along the west coast of Jutland,and second stage could also result in a reduced group finish with ondulating terrain in the longest stage in race history.
Yes,actually this race is tailor made for Sagan. Too bad he's got so many motivated team mates for this race - he would end up with the same role as in the newly passed French version of Post Danmark Rundt ...
Re: Re:

Bushman said:
Yep, this is ridiculous :D how did he even win stage 1 and 2? Just attacked out of the peloton?
Yes. Stage 1 according to cyclingnews:
Yesterday's opening road stage of the Post Danmark Rundt (Tour of Denmark) produced a surprise winner, when almost everyone - except Team CSC's Ivan Basso - was ready for a sprint finish. As Jens Voigt was caught by the peloton nearing the finish, his team-mate Basso launched a counter and soled into Skive nine seconds clear of the front group of 45 riders.
Stage 2:
Ivan Basso (CSC) followed up his stage 1 win in the Tour of Denmark with a victory in the second stage, between Viborg and Århus. Once again, Basso attacked in the closing stages of the race - this time with Daniele Nardello (T-Mobile) - and the pair were able to hold off the hard chasing peloton for the final 10 kilometres. Basso won the stage ahead of Nardello, with Andre Greipel (Team Wiesenhof) leading the bunch in for third, hot on the heels of the leading two.
I've uploaded course and profiles to imgur. Course and profile for each stage are combined into one image. You can add the images to OP using these codes (listed in sequence, of course):






Angliru, I owe you a beer!

Slight change in the line-up:

Defending champ, Michael Valgren, will replace Oliver Zaugg, and will - as defending champ - wear number 1.
No clue how the rest of the numbers are going to be sorted.
Jul 21, 2010

Netserk said:
Bigger annihilation than in 2005?
How on earth Basso managed to beat Greipel (twice!) is beyond me)...

Basso, Voigt and Asle Arvesen becoming 1, 2 & 3 respectively in stage 5 was a good one too!

greenedge said:
I'm going to say Lars Boom will win, if not EBH.
Boom is not there. If you mean Lars Bak, it's a reasonable pick.

For the sprints also Carbel,Ruffoni, Dehaes/Ligthart/Van Der Sande,Breschel, Bauhaus, one of the Kreder bros and maybe Gasparotto will be serious candidates.
Re: Re:

Kazistuta said:
greenedge said:
I'm going to say Lars Boom will win, if not EBH.
Boom is not there. If you mean Lars Bak, it's a reasonable pick.

For the sprints also Carbel,Ruffoni, Dehaes/Ligthart/Van Der Sande,Breschel, Bauhaus, one of the Kreder bros and maybe Gasparotto will be serious candidates.
Boom is here.

The start list I posted initially was a provisional one, sorry for the confusion.

You're probably right, though. Bak has a bigger chance of winning than Boom, considering that Lotto are riding for Bak while Astana are riding for Fuglsang.
Jul 13, 2009
Where can I get live streaming? A friend is riding and I actually have time to cheer him on.
Mar 29, 2011

Frank71 said:
Where can I get live streaming? A friend is riding and I actually have time to cheer him on.
Hello, there should be livestreams at around 15.00.

Eurosport 2 broadcast the stages far as i know.

Weather forecast for stage 1 is allmost no wind but with some rain showers. and maybe thunder building up during the stage.
Mar 29, 2011
Atm. we got 35 riders out front with a 30-35 sec gap. tinkoff is pulling hard.. 27 km covered so far