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Prediction Game 2022 Women's Edition (De Amy Pieters Trofee)

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I would so love to go for Professor Kiesenhofer here, but afraid we're going to have to play super boring with the GC. At this point if I don't pick Demi Vollering it's a guaranteed recipe for her to win all stages and the GC like she did in Itzulia, so I can't break the habit. And Annemiek is on a Spanish team for whom this will be a key event.

Stage huntresses are a bit harder to gauge. Quite a few tempting options, I'm going to go for Elisa Balsamo for one of them though, in her final guaranteed days in the rainbow jersey, and I think for the other one... it's just a complete joke if Silvia Persico goes through the whole season without a win above the .2 level, right?
Who the *** gave Jumbo permision to go and not select Vos? :mad:

Vos was actually the reason I changed the rules to allow two stage huntresses. It was also before I realised stage 4 had a different final.

BTW, if one of the riders you selected as your stage huntress(es) is on the team winning the TTT, does that count as a stage win?

No, I only count individual wins. But if your pick does a Remco and crosses the line at least a second before the rest of her team, I might award you half a point.
GC: AVV and Faulkner
Stage huntresses: Grace Brown and Anna Kiesenhofer.

I had initially picked Kopecky instead of Kiesenhofer, but since I'm not going to win this game anyway, I'd allowed myself a bit of fun. And my Reusser gamble in last year's race paid off, so perhaps I'll also be lucky this time around.
The total elevation seems be on par with the Tokyo course, but since it's 12 km longer, that shouldn't be an outright advantage for Van Vleuten. On the other hand she wasn't too far from winning the WC last year on an easier route.

In the end I'm hoping that Reusser's new bike and helmet sock will be enough to bring her to victory.