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Prediction Game 2022 Women's Edition (De Amy Pieters Trofee)

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Some teams have already announced their line-ups for the Tour, but you might still want to wait a few days before making your picks.

I've decided to allow you to have two stage huntresses instead of only one, cause otherwise we'd probably end up picking the same rider.
GC: Van Vleuten, Vollering. Longo Borghini
Points: Vos
QOM: Van Vleuten
Stages: Wiebes, Vos
GC: AVV, Vollering, Cille
QOM: Mavi Garcia
Points: Wiebes
Stage hunters: Wiebes and Vos
GC ; Van Vleuten, Vollering and Elisa LB
Points: Balsamo
KOM: Ewers
Stage Huntress: Wiebes and Balsamo
GC ; Van Vleuten, Moolman-Pasio and Cavalli
Points ; Wiebes
KOM ; Van Vleuten
Stage Huntress ; Wiebes and Voss.

Guys, remember that the stage huntresses can’t be picked for the GC or as one of the jersey winners.
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No one managed to get the podium right, but Gwbert correctly guessed both jersey winners.

The Tour of Scandinavia/Battle of the North starts in Copenhagen on Tuesday.

Tour de France Femmes
Gwbert: 8
DKO: 7.5
JV: 7.5
LS: 7.5
PK: 7.5
RhD: 7.5
Samu: 6
Yaco: 5

Standings after 14 of 19 races
@Dk one 45.5
@Põhja Konn 43.5
@RedheadDane 42.5
@Libertine Seguros 39.5
@Jumbo Visma Fan :) 36
@Gwbert 31.5
@yaco 30.5
@Samu Cuenca 28
@jaylew 9
Are we picking two GC riders + a stage huntress for this? If so I’m thinking:
GC: Brand and Vollering
Stages: Vos

But i may change that once i ser what everyone ese goes for.
CUL, Vollering. Stages: Vos. A bit boring, but not a lot of realistic choices this time, I think.. though, watch someone like Brand or Bradbury race past CUL on Norefjell now that I have said that.
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I'd really love to do something creative here, but, it's just too hard to not go for the same old, even though Dk One is 6 points ahead of me and I have to risk something in order to achieve that. Unfortunately the tried and trusted "pick Demi Vollering at all times" technique has had two problems this season: 1) she has not done every race, and 2) she's a lot less of an 'alternative' pick now that she isn't sharing a team with Anna van der Breggen, so more people are picking her as well as me.

However, I've put my eggs in that basket so I'm picking Demi Vollering for GC. Along with Cille, too, as it came down to a straight battle between her and Lucinda Brand and I went heart over head. I just don't trust that the key climbers I was thinking of for wildcards, like Magnaldi and Aalerud, will not lose time relative to Cecilie before we even get to Norefjell, and the other climber that stood out from the startlist for me was Fisher-Black, who is a teammate of Demi. Lippert is pretty good uphill, but usually on smaller climbs and to my mind not enough to rate her over Uttrup on a climb of that size. Well, and Mikayla Harvey, but I feel I need to see a couple more reliable outings from her before I'm willing to play that card.

Stagehunter? Well, they just gave the Cannibal reason to be out for revenge.