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Prediction Game 2022 Women's Edition (De Amy Pieters Trofee)

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The table only has one field for Romandie, so... no stage huntress? Or should I just write "GC" or "SH" before each name?

I think I decided at the start of the year not to have stage huntresses in this race, because it only has three stages, and I assumed Van Vleuten would win at least one of them, if she started the race, which it now seems she will.

But I will allow you to choose one stage huntress after all.
Well, I'm going to have to play a bit of a gamble as I was doing so well leading into the Worlds RR, and then I was travelling and neglected to send picks for that, so am now well down.

I'm obviously not going to gamble that much that I don't pick Demi Vollering in the GC, because I've committed so hard to that strategy that I can guarantee she'll do an Itzulia job as soon as I don't pick her.

My other GC candidate will be Elisa Longo Borghini, for risk/reward (not that she's a riskier pick than Demi in the slightest, she's in great form and is one of the best riders in the world, we all know that, but of course because it means I'm not picking Annemiek for GC).

In a bet-hedging manner, however, I will then pick Annemiek van Vleuten as my stage huntress.
I'm now finally ready to reveal the winner of the 2022 Amy Pieters Trofee.
If I make a third edtion, I'll attempt to do a better job as gamemaster and perhaps introduced a simpler points system.

A hard thought battle went on throughout the season, and it wasn't decided before the last race. And perhaps someone will be a bit cross with themselves for some choices they made at the start of the year ;)

But without further ado, here are the scores from the last races (I hope I haven't made any mistakes, but if you spot some, then please don't speak, but forever hold your peace):

Tour of Scandinavia/Battle of the North
DKO: 5
Gwbert: 2.5
JV: 5
LS: 5
PK: 5
RhD: 5
Yaco: 2.5
Samu: 2

Ceratizit Challenge by la Vuelta
LS: 5
DKO: 4.5
JV: 4.5
PK: 4.5
RhD: 3.5
Samu: 3.5
Yaco: 1

LS: 3
PK: 3
RhD: 3
Samu: 1
Yaco: 1
DKO: 0
JV: 0

Tour de Romandie
DKO: 3
PK: 3
RhD: 3
Yaco: 2
JV: 2
LS: 1
Samu: 1

End of season WWT rankings
Yaco : 3
DKO: 2
Gwbert: 2
RhD: 2
Samu: 2
LS: 1
JV: 1
PK: 0

Final standings
@Dk one 60
@Põhja Konn 59
@RedheadDane 59
@Libertine Seguros 54.5
@Jumbo Visma Fan :) 48.5
@yaco 40
@Samu Cuenca 37.5
@Gwbert 36
@jaylew 11


So just like in the 2016 WC RR, the podium is made up of a Dane, a redhead and someone from a republic that borders Russia. Chapeau to DK one who joins in LS in the game's hall of fame.
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