Race thread: Olympics 2020/21 Tokyo, Men's Road Race, 234k

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Aug 29, 2020
USA network (where it's at on TV in the US) has Steve Schlanger and Bob Roll commentating.

Of course they aren't exactly showing most of the race either and are showing rowing currently.
Same. Any other ways of watching yet? I’ve watched maybe 3 minutes of racing so far between the commercials, air pistols and rowing.
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Finally the names of the morning breakaway:

Dlamini (South Africa)
Kukrle (Czech Republic)
Sagan (Slovakia)
Grosu (Romania)
Tzortzakis (Greece)
Aular (Venezuela)
Daumont (Burkina Faso)
Asadov (Azerbaijan)
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Finishing time limits
Any rider who has been dropped and is 12 minutes behind the main peloton will be withdrawn at the feed zones or on course by the broom wagon commissaire as required.
I see, it makes sense, the only doubt I still have, what is the definition of "main peloton" if the race explodes and 5-6 groups are formed, the gruppeto then?
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