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Haha that was just a hyperbolic joke, I wasn't actually thinking of anything specific when I wrote that

(Although I guess giving it a good score only because your pet rider won might qualify?)
You posts inspired me to reconsider my rating.

I thought it was a 4 from the racing, but because I bonded with so many people over how dull was the Giro I had many great conversations, so I have to increase to 7.

And then the Giro also made me realise where I will retire, in the village of Coi in Venetian mountains . I have to make it an 8 for this.

And then I increase my rating to 9 because the historical dramatic events in Rome, when my favorite rider won for the billionth time, destroying some domestics from Trek and DSM. A victory so historic the neutral commentator from GCN had to and congratulate the rider personally immediately after the stage. This human drama is why I watch the cycling.

I give another 0.5 points for shortening the stage on stage 13 and doing activism about the issue of rider sifety, having to do long stages in the cold is not why they became pro rides. The Giro promoted many deep and meaningful discourses with this decision and inspired us all to be more sympathetic viewers.

Overall, an excellent Giro. But it wasn't perfect, 9.5/10. I didn't see once Remco punch his handlebars or raise his arm in protest as he crossed the line. No tantrum or wrong turning, no finger-to-lips celebration when he won. This would crown the Giro for me. He is a true pattron of the peloton and speaks for the riders, I'm sure all 22 teams would vote for shorten the stage 13 with remco to keep them in line.
Gave it a 2. I liked the ITTs, they brought something. 1st ITT the rise of Remco, 2nd the fall of Remco, 3rd the rise of Roglic.
The 2 first weeks were bagger. crashes, rain, inactive riders due to 'wind', due to 'rain', due to nobody gave a f*** anymore.
The hyped 3rd week became a watch us put extra big cogwheels on our bike to still pedal when riding every so slowly behind our domestiques.
A lot of missed opportunities that it is mindboggling
- after remco crash nobody did a single f*
- after seeing roglic struggle they made the race hard by making it longer on the bike instead of 'harder'.

At the end Almeida was riding at the front because the pace was so slow he couldn't bungle behind them even if he wanted.
What would the score be if Remco was in Roglic' position instead?

The two biggest fans on the forum rating it 10 and 1 (because 0 wasnt an option) is all kinds of fun.
So, let me get this straight, me rating it 1 is somehow funny... but you rated it 2.

Ah man, the way you keep exposing me. It hurts. It hurts.

Had Evenepoel still been in the race, either the others would have had to attack him, or he would have attacked them had he sensed he was stronger, so it would have been a better race. If Evenepoel would have been in Roglic' position instead? It'd be difficult to imagine Evenepoel doing two piss poor TT's, and riding defensively for 3 weeks. For your info, i thought the race was bad when Evenepoel was still in it, if that's what you're after.

PS: i don't get notifications when you quote me.
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No reason to take it all personal brother. Its just funny and shows that the outcome of the race matters a lot, and that your favorite rider doing well/bad might mean more to lots of people than watching some actual racing. That's all.
4 for me. I enjoyed watching it but it wasn't one of the better GTs I've seen. Losing Tao and Remco hurt the race for sure. I enjoyed the breakaway action more than I usually do and I really loved the stage that Rubio won. GC action was meh until the end but the final TT was exciting. Sprints were average, I guess.
It is a pretty valid point that Remco wouldn't race as defensively, though.
Remco definitely would race defensively in his position, especially if he didn't get sick as he probably would have had a cushion of 1.30-2.00 minutes. The others needed to actually do something, so yes, of course its very valid to think the race got a lot worse with Remco out of the equation. But it got even worse for Logic since he's an avid fan of his which is completely understandable.
Gave it a 3 and still feel like I was being very generous. The breakaway artists were the only thing saving the race for the majority of the time with Healy/Pinot/Gee/Denz and a few others going out to race day after day while the GC boys hid in the pack.

The heavy backloading of the route ensured very little action for 2 weeks and the weekend stages were awful designs. The weather clearly didn’t help and I sympathise with the riders but the butchering of the Crans Montana stage was pathetic.