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May 26, 2009
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yespatterns said:
Regardless of the law, picking up some pilfered epo at mickey D's is wrong. Infusing yourself with ripe rotten blood is wrong. Cheating in multiple races is wrong. Where the **** is the moral compass of those defending this idiot? (I won't bother asking about the status of *his* moral compass, obvious vacancy) The guy needs help, and a lot of it. I would not be shocked if he anhero's himself in the near future. The guy has a kid and is still getting mixed up in some very very stupid things. Oh, Darwin....

Yeah if you're going to throw Ricco in jail, do it for the bigger crime.
FoxxyBrown1111 said:
What country is that? Equatorial Guinea or something like that?

Hrm.. Went to check the penal code and it does not state anything. It was actually my philosophy teacher who told me that. Must have been amended of course. Country is Portugal by the way.

Benotti69 said:
You lost the argument.

Sorry Ferminal, none of us have freedom of choice to do as we please. We all have responsibilities governed by our choices.

I think Ferminal is merely pointing out that regardless of one's irresponsibility in cases like this, no institution can replace his biological perogative.
Jun 15, 2009
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BigMac said:
Hrm.. Went to check the penal code and it does not state anything. It was actually my philosophy teacher who told me that. Must have been amended of course. Country is Portugal by the way.


Thanks for enlighten me... Good that your country got rid of such a law.


Oct 15, 2012
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Netserk said:
So because I like Boonen, but dislike Hushovd, I don't think shutting down a pipeline of PEDs is a good use of time? That doesn't make any sense to me, please explain.

It probably doesn't make sense because it wasn't aimed at you, but at the sceptic. But feel free to continue butting in and misunderstanding; it appears to be a talent.
Mar 9, 2013
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Man i feel for this guy he will die one day im sure of that it's inevitable. Such a shame dope or not im watching him on Youtube in aw of his climbing style he is like Pantani and Contador style. I also like P.Rolland climbing style.
martinvickers said:

So you say. Most of us beg to differ.

Huh? Have you actually disappeared up your own backside enough that you want to blame crime prevention forces for the crime?? It's somehow unacceptable to deal with one notorious and repeat offending criminal because somebody somewhere else escaped?

Why don't you smell what you're shovellin'?
Indurain because he doped and got millions and a prince of Asturias award rather than ended like ricco which is where you say it ends up.

Most of you beg to differ? You and what army? This story isn't going much further than cycling forums. No one but hardcore fans will hear about it

As for the last bit YOU said cycling is a laughing stock. Which implies that other sports aren't. And why is that. Cos they are clean or cos other sports don't test. I wasn't justifying anything ricco did or saying anything about crime prevention but responding to your smug comment that this makes cycling a laughing stock.
Mar 10, 2009
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He is denying he was there to buy drugs. Wrong place at the wrong time. the Euros in the car were not his and they did not find the drugs on him either. While unbelievable Italian police have special reputation for getting things wrong :)

That boy is lost.