Rigoberto Uran discussion thread.

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Frankschleck said:
does anyone think he can make the surprise of the year?

I don't think he can from a purely physical performance perspective, but....I'm really really hoping he can find some of his old magic. Combine that and maybe a mechanical from Froome....just a dream really.
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lenric said:
Frankschleck said:
does anyone think he can make the surprise of the year?

Proposal: everyone here who said Uran would never ever be able to win the Tour (myself included) should eat a bucket of horsecrap if tomorrow Froome has a mechanical and ends up losing enough time for Uran to win the Tour. :eek:
As much as I would like to see 'glass shattered' people eat poo, lets be healthy here, and if RU wins you drink bad beer. :lol:
Ladies-Man Rigo:
Didnt know such a side could exist in him :p

Frankschleck said:
people saying that the cannodale time trial bike is bad, but don't you guys thing they have designed a special one for the occasion?
They didn't get a new TT bike approved by the UCI this year.

I'm not sure that the Slice is much less slippery than other WT bikes. Without actually knowing what goes on behind the scenes, I wonder if CDale-Drapac's limited budget doesn't have room for much TT setup time (wind tunnel etc...).

Don't CDale sponsored athletes win (place) triathlons all of the time?

EDIT: If you look at the picture of RU warming up one thing you'll notice is that the front brake of the Slice is on the front of the fork. Most aero bikes try to hide the brake from the wind, while also making the air flow around the fork blades, and between the blades and the wheel/tire as clean as possible. That could indicate CDale not spending the time and money to develop, or it could indicate that CDale did R&D it and found it not to be important enough to require redesigning.

Dekker_Tifosi said:
Zoetemelk has his successor. 2nd in Giro, Tour, Olympics and many other big races, economic racing style.

Zoetemelk never was second in the Giro or Olympics, but he did win the Tour, Vuelta, world championships, fleche Walone, AGR, Blois-Chaville, Tour de Romandie, Semana Catalana, Paris-Nice, Tirreno-Adriatico and many other races.
Uran has a long way to go to be called Zoetemelk's successor.