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Rigoberto Uran discussion thread.

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Honestly watching the stage 5 I had an impression that Uran had much more in him and didn't even go 100% on that final climb. Every time there was an acceleration he was dropping guys like Alaphilippe immediately but never kept going and then they came back and arrived all at the finish together. He rode as if he tried to conserve energy for something to come.

Maybe I'm totally wrong about that but sometimes you might get an impression that he is a rider that relies solely on his power and brains but not on his willpower and maybe he could win more often if he just tried to go for just a little bit more than his body is telling him to. But who knows, maybe because of that stage 5 he had enough left in his legs to win today.
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Will he attack tomorrow to gain the necessary seconds on Carapaz to win the Tour? I can't ever remember seeing Uran attacking in the mountains. That can't have happende many times.
This is where he attacked:
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Happy to see him winning a stage and second overall, in the race he was top 10 and wonn a stage at 20 years old.

But the problema is that when I look at the 5th stage, he showed he wwas very close in level to Carapaz...and ge has a lot of meritory second places in hus careeer, but he has not a big palmares of victories.
Second a le Tour, 2 times at il Giro, at the olimpics, Suisse,...
some stage wins, and some classic as Quebec and Milano Torino, but 5the fact is he has never won a GC....despite he has a great level...He has to try something sometimes, show more ambition with risk IMO, use strategy.
He did at his begining...

He lost the oportunity to won a Tiur de France becouse he didnt attack after a mistake in a descent from SKY...it was his fault..to attack then has no problem..maybe you dont want to attack just at the momento, but you can attack later.. the waited.. At the end,
Froome failed..but it was little time..He lost his oportinity. He has to be a leader and behave as leader.. Yes , Froome is his friend...Yes SKY has more jerarquy for le Tour... but this is a competition..and although I have followed Rigo sin his begining and I admire lot of thing of him.. and he had lot of bad luck...he is guilty from some lack of palmares. He is not worse than Bernal or Carapaz...he need to show that.
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In regards to Uran's TDF chances; only a couple of times in recent memory did a clear non favourite win the race (Sastre and Thomas), and they were probably considered clearly amongst the top ten contenders going in. Significantly, those 2008 and 2018 editions didn't have a dominant favourite, whereas the 2021 edition has two. So realistically, Uran has an okay chance to make the podium imo, but it's hard to see him winning.

Still, I'm happy enough with the 200 odds I got :)
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And I doint understand his nationalism..

It doesnt matter if Quintana, Bernal , Chaves or Daniel Felipe, Lopez, etc...win instead of me... Colombia wins...

Those things make me change my mind with him....
We are very nationalistic. Very. I don't know why. Maybe because in sports we always have felt like the under dog even when we are not.
I have learned to watch cycling without looking at nationalities. But I don't live in Colombia anymore. It is even better when you watch it when you don't have the favorites because you can just enjoy, avoid the suffering and be more objective! :)
He need a hard ITT at the end of the race to win..and it is quite flat. He has to take advantage of his oportunities,..it is not just a question to be regular doing anything..he looks like he is ok with a poidium... Of course a podium is very difficult...but when the victory is possible, you have to give everything on it and risk your podium.

EF is not a top gc team, so he must let top teams fight and work against each other, them get wrecked, it's fighting against gorilla (you don't stop when you're tired, you start when gorilla is tired) But he is very complete rider imho and able to follow wheels and read race, kinda wheelsucker some would say. But podium is very possible if without crashes and illness aso. He can flat tt on a good day too.
He loves his country, what's the problem with that?
That he is a cycling rider, and he has to love his prefession before. They are rivals, no team mates.

In Spain you can help a spanish rider in some situación,..but anyway if you are fighting with him for a victory and you loses you are sad..not happy becouse another spanish wins.. I love my planet, but I dont see anything wrong to love your country in a sane mode..I know how lot of people do in Colombia and it is lot of times insane.
I wrotre Uran becouse another rider gave me his e mail...after his first podium in Lombardia.. He wrote me back..I was and I am very happy about it,.,,Maybe he is the rider I have followed more after Pedro Delgado. But now we have internet, you have follow much more.

Urán coudnt writte correctly in Spanish., quite typical in Colombia. It is hard for me understand to love a country wich give not you enough education . A vert rich country who is controling for just a few people.

But that is not the question, the question is that if youd ont have the same ambition to win when you are againts another colombian rider, you will miss some victories. and iI admire riders who love to win.
I was thinking that for years..but today I thibnk is not like that, it is the same for him if another colombian win as if he win.

I'm pretty sure that if he's in a position where he can win himself, he'll want to win. However, if he's far from being in a winning position - or he just gets beaten fair and square - and it's another Colombian who ends up winning, what's wrong with him then being happy for whoever ends up winning?
Urán coudnt writte correctly in Spanish., quite typical in Colombia. It is hard for me understand to love a country wich give not you enough education . A vert rich country who is controling for just a few people.

The irony.

Having worked with many Colombians and judging by your insane tirade I would expect the education, manners and intelligence of the average Colombian to be way way above yours.
"He did a good time trial but he's good at those," Urán's directeur sportif Tom Southam told Cyclingnews ahead of stage 6. "Look at the Tour de France time trial Pau a couple of years ago. He was fourth on the stage. It was a different course but a similar length.

"Everyone saw how good he was in Suisse and it wasn't like he won the time trial by accident because he on the mountain stages before that he was in a good way and jumping about. I don't think it's a secret that he's good."

Southam acknowledged that luck had played a part in Urán's current position but he also pointed out that the EF-Nippo collective had swarmed the front of the peloton at critical points and kept their prized asset out of harms way.

"We've gone under the radar but some of that's luck because we've not been in any of these incidents. If we had been on the other side of the road on stage 1 then things would have worked out very differently but sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you. So far, to be under the radar, is pretty good," Southam added.

"He has a super, chilled out mentality. So you need to keep him as cool as you can for as long as you can. That pays off later in the race so we're just trying to mix that with the reality that you can't totally chill out until we get to the mountains. But we've got a good balance. We've got guys like Cort and Valgren, guys who can win races for themselves but have turned their hand to help a guy. That works well."

"Last year he was eighth but he was still recovering from the previous Vuelta crash he'd had the year before. He was sitting third in the Tour last year and I think that some people got a bit over enthusiastic about it because they hadn't seen how far back he was from that crash. Now he's in a better condition, so if can work himself into the right spot then I don't think that he'll drift back like he did last year. I think that he's capable of fighting to be up there and by the rest day we'll have a much clearer picture."

Southam has nailed it. " You need to keep Uran as cool as you can for as long as you can."

He seems to perform better when he regards cycling as play instead of seeing it as work.
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