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Ruta del Sol 2017

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Aug 6, 2015
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Re: Re:

Tonton said:
portugal11 said:
Pinot did third in tour 2014 only because the field was garbage. He did top 10 in other editions only because sky (and other teams) left him go because he was far behind. Bar 2014 he never was able to follow his gc rivals consistently. For me he won't be able to finish in top 5 in giro
The '14 field was great, most of the favorites went down, but that's racing. Valverde finished 4th BTW. Yes, free of Quintana, Valverde was beat by Tibopino. You should have watched the '14 TdF and you would know what you're talking about.

Type in your browser "Thibaut Pinot the rise of a champion" and see for yourself. Courtesy of Tonton Sport Organization (TSO). Enjoy :) .
I saw that tour and after stage 10 the field was worse than in giro 2012.
Pinot's fans already started the hype train so I will wait for may. I still think he won't do top 5
Re: Re:

Geraint Too Fast said:
yaco said:
Sky have lacked flexibility in decision-making this season - Serge Henao has a mechanical not long before the Paracombe climb in Stage 2 of the TDU - Instead of keeping Thomas in the lead group as a second option they called him back to help Henao get back to the peleton - DFA's inference is very likely from watching Stage 1 and 2 of Andalucia.

Thomas wasn't called back, and he didn't have the condition to be a second option anyway.

Thomas was called back at the last minute when Sky struggled to bring Henao back to the peleton - Who knows if Thomas was in the right condition, but he could have remained in the peleton.