Steven Kruijswijk

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Aug 4, 2010

Red Rick said:
Bram Tankink was woken up early by a really annoying sound. So he walks up, mad, naked to get angry at whoever is making that sound so he can go back to sleep again. He opens the door and sees Steven Kruijswijk on riding on the rollers to try and loosen up already.
Vaiiiii Kruiswijk!

Red Rick said:
What worries me is that Kruijswijk wasn't all that great on the Agnello. He said himself he was on the limit, and Nibali only attacked because he thought Kruijswijk looked weaker
Dude did you Nibali and Chaves at the top of the Agnello? Completely cooked as well.

The Agnello at 2700mtr altitude was raced incredibly hard. Everyone was on their limit.
Fantastic today, fantastic all Giro apart from that crash. Would he have won? Almost certainly, but staying upright is a part of a GT. One day, he'll have it. Maybe not next year with the 100th Giro, but 2018 could be it.
Despite losing the overall, this Giro must be remembered positively.
He was perfectly prepared, rode excellent and had the right attitude.
Just stick to the program leading him to the Giro and success will come.
Aug 9, 2009
Him and Chaves came in as outsiders and come out of this Giro as top tier contenders for their next GT. I wa hoping he stayed in the podium, but well done no matter what.
Hats off to Kruijswijk just for resuming and finishing this Giro with grace, honor & courage, despite the injuries - you truly are a warrior. Now get the deserved recovery you need and perhaps give a go to La Vuelta :)
Hats of to Steven! Massive respect for him.

It's a bloody shame he crashed and eventually even lost the podium. He didn't deserve that, but like he said so himself "staying on your bike is also part of cycling". I just watched his post race interview with the dutch television and I only got more respect for him.

He just fought like hellmtoday to keep the podium, but like he said he's 4th now which is worth nothing, but then again last night he didn't even think he could race today. So in that perspective he looked at it the glass is half full perspective and that after such a huge blow. Very realistic view.

Also when asked why he loves the Giro so much, or maybe it wasn't an appropiate question now as the interviewer said, he answered with that he still loves the giro because of the course(profiles) and open character of the race. A race where a lot can happen every day just like this Giro, where he added that unfortunately this time he was the victim.

He will be back next year. I'm sure, allthough I expect pressure in NL to send him to France. Thenfact that it's the 100th Giro will help him convince them to send him to the giro though.
Next year he won't be underestimated though.