Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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Pls, this is a Tadej Pogacar thread!

It’s weird that he isn’t riding UAE tour, it’s the tournament of his employer. An employer that’s all about prestige and he is their most important rider. I can only imagine him skipping this if they are very sure he isn’t able to win because of his issues during the winter.

Or it could be that the rider who has won two Tours and three monuments in the space of three seasons has a small say in his programme.
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(Did you expect me not to do this?)

As for Pogacar's schedule; Yeah, I definitely don't see any issue with him not doing the UAE Tour. Come one... because he's the biggest star on a team that happens to be sponsored by the UAE he should be contractually obliged to ride the UAE Tour? It doesn't make sense.
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