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Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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Poor Iñigo.
I have complete insight into Pog training and the numbers and the way of training every day of the week and I tell you again that if I were Visma I would buy diapers, they will need it, forget Pog as it was, proper training vith Sola at visma level created a monster, Pog 2024 the version without the weak point, heat and altitude hill problem is solved

They probably have toilets at Visma headquarters.
you have no idea how badly Pogi was trained under Inigo, in winter 5 days zone 2 and 2 days free, when the season comes Pogi either races or has recovery and sometimes zone 2 and that's it, and sometimes he overwrites something from training peaks, all the innovations that Visma uses (core for heat training, glucose monitoring) Pog didn't use anything, he only measured his lactate during altitude training and that's it, 15 min intervals and bye, this is how Pog has dominated so far except for Tour is it borders on a miracle of the world, I have excellent contact with one of the closest Pog people for this season and I was finally able to see what was done in the past with that bald fraud and what with Javier Sola and I can tell you that he is a top coach and everything is changed, in the approach, intervals, heat training, TT position, absolutely everything is top and that's why I gave you the info before Bianche that Pog will kill everybody and what happened? What happened is that the greatest talent in the history of cycling realized that he finally got a coach which he deserves and which took him to 2 levels higher this winter