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Tadej Pogacar and Mauro Giannetti

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Add to the fact that all the shady people involved in the team have numerous doping busts on their record and I wouldn't be feeling confident that a positive test or a triggered bio passport wouldn't pop up at some point. Clearly not the best at doping under the radar.
Lampre had almost no capable staff members, UAE suddenly improved when they replaced all the old coaches and team doctors with new ones.
Lampre never developed a single gt rider in the history of the team. They were better with classics riders and sprinters, but they tuned it down after the Mantova investigation about the team working with Ferrari happened.
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Discussing his results as if it matters. Lets look at the circumstances here. He's a 21 year old rookie who's been by far the most aggressive rider in the mountains during the race, which historically is a bit suspect on its own, and he's been in relentless attack mode despite being isolated on every single mountain stage while guys like Roglic, Mas, Landa, Lopez and Porte have had at least one mountain dom to help them. Despite all the work he's done on his own, and the fact that he's seemingly been fading a bit in the last couple of days, he rocks up to a TT on the final day of a Tour with one of the hardest third weeks I can remember seeing and not only bangs out a 40 minute flat TT that would probably put him on the podium at the Worlds, but follows that with a 6.9W/kg effort on the final 16 minute climb, despite stopping on the hill for something like 15 seconds to do a bike change.

I swear he could be going up the hill on a Kawasaki and some of you would still be like "Yeah, but the Slovenian nationals, though!"

It still takes talent to ride a Kawasaki.
Well I am not a fan of Pogacar and I can't agree. He was showing great potential all last season and in 2020.

2019 ToC - 20 years old
2019 Vuelta podium
2020 Slovenian National Time Trial, beating Roglic

I think was under rated before this Tour. Obviously he won't be under rated now.
I am sorry but were you making noise about Pogacar one year ago? If not why not? Bit late to wake up now. He has been riding strong all race. He came 3rd in the Vuelta at 20. Do I think its lines up - well yes I do at least as well as several other recent examples. Sorry if this doesn't work for you. You will need to try a little harder than "LOL"s to convince me. I am an open minded person so you should try. LOLs get zero respect. A poster from yesterday I oft disagreed with was the Hitch. But Hitch genuinely explained his points of view so I respected his line of argument. You haven't.

This is where the clinic really lets itself down. So many know it all's who leave facts logic and reason behind.
I was. Long before this TdF.
September 2019. Last year's Vuelta rang a lot of alarm bells.
Most posts were deleted, but you can see that I pissed off a few people.
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After the Armstrong fiasco pretty much no major player has been busted. Being one of the only sports that actually busted it's dopers only served to give cycling a reputation for being the dirtiest sport in the world. I think now they are, for the most part, taking the approach of every other sport and just letting it slide. So far it's working; despite the incredible performances, the general consensus is that cycling is much cleaner now.
Ricco, Piepoli and Cobo?
The last one got his Vuelta win taken away.
Wait a minute... I think all three may have had the same team manager. Who could it be?
I got downvoted for saying Matxin followed me on instagram for some time or that I study engineering? Lol.

Anyways, this is the highest level in the Tour by the winner since? 2009? 2001? Or 1997-1998? So many climb records broken, some extra-terrestrial performances, and Pogacar annihilating everyone yesterday being the final act. ( Talking about W/Kg and numbers here )
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Add to the fact that all the shady people involved in the team have numerous doping busts on their record and I wouldn't be feeling confident that a positive test or a triggered bio passport wouldn't pop up at some point. Clearly not the best at doping under the radar.
It's hard to tell. Certainly the medical side of UAE isn't that of Lampre when they employed Dr Schmidt 2013 and 2017. But UAE had Durasek caught in Aderlass with Dr Schmidt just last year and Pogacar's DS and Team Manager are prolific at running teams with riders serving doping violations, one of them employing Schmidt. I really feel sorry for Pogacar, because it just looks like one big hornets nest at face value. That doesn't mean I think Pogacar is involved in that whatosever. Hell, FdeJ were involved in Dr Schmidt, so it means little if individuals doing it at UAE with e.g. Durasek.
No point riding to power when you're going to destroy all logical estimates. You just limit yourself mentally
That's true. But there is a risk in over doing it like Pantani did or Armstrong. After those crazy numbers coaches have learned to manage the powers. So they can fly under the radar better. This time they didn't care. I guess Matxin went for broke or is over confident that there won't be a problem.

The funny question would be to ask Pogacar about those crazy 7 w/kg that are humanly impossible. he'll go "what?'"" what is the limit?"
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I was thinking the same. But then I'm thinking that's nonsense, he's probably just overwhelmed by everything and the press and all the people congratulating and asking the same questions.
That's true. He just doesn't have a genuine smile at all it seems? Take SKA (who seems like a very shy guy, whereas Pogacar actually seems pretty extroverted in nature), he seems overwhelmed as well, doesn't know what to say, but he still oozes genuine happiness.