Question Tadej Pogacar and Mauro Giannetti

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Hahahahaha this is great, uae and maxtin does not give a ***, seems like the uci have let things be more free for all instead of one superior team while other teams got warnings (postal, sky)

No way he gets busted ever unless something leaks to the media, im sure he tests positive a few times a year, to much bad press if he did get caught.
Christ ,the stupidity in clinic is to much for me
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Is it possible he wouldn't get gear for OI? Too much on stake? Why risk it for his national team, looking from UAE perspective. I think he won't be even top 5 at OI TT. Excuse, tired from TDF.
I agree, they're gonna do the same excuse as last years WC. Apparently he was so tired that he worked for Roglic but at the same time he should possess incredible recovery and Roglic was clearly more tired after TDF. Obviously UAE is not giving him the juice for the national competitions and Olympics might actually have some decent doping controls. He should be the favorite for the Olympics RR but I think we're gonna see a surprise there too.
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In terms of absolute peak performance, I am curious how does he compare to the past performances.

Some examples that all of us know include:

Indurain 95
Riis 96
Ullrich 97
Pantani 98
Lance 2004-2005
Contador 2009
Froome 2013

I think I will slot Pogacar below Indurain and Lance, but ahead of everyone else.
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oh yes, the clean red VDP, first time on TT bike probably this year and less than 30sec down on the doper
As if the "miner worker" Pog has some good TT position /s Your post is whataboutism at its finest. If someone does an incredible performance, then everyone expects him to go ham and be extremely tired after an incredible effort. Basically what VDP did at Tirreno.
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