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TDF Stage 13 - Saturday, July 17 2010, Rodez - Revel, 195 km

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Mar 11, 2009
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craig1985 said:
Give me a better avatar and I might reconsider...

ericthesportsman6 said:
Oh c'mon, other domestiques are alowwed to save themselves for the important stages and he's not? My guess is he'll go for a stage win tomorrow. BTW I'm no Armstrong fan, but when Damiano Cunego finishes 10 minutes back on a sprint stage, no one accuses him of being a disgrace.

Man you know absolutely nothing about cycling! Cunego tactically droped back (I think there was a crash in there too, in any case), to go out of GC contention, to then hope to be "allowed" to enter a break and go for a stage/s victory/ies. Which he has dogedly tried to do without success.

By contrast Armstrong came to the Tour to win, didn't have the legs to do it, and is now cruising aimlessly at the back, while doing nothing to support Levi in his podium quest. Plus finishing four minutes back yesterday? How the hell did he actually win 7 Tours???? Oops, I forgot. ;)
Jul 3, 2010
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Publicus said:
I'm very confused by the teamwork being displayed by Lance. Wouldn't it help Levi for him to be pacing him at the front and shielding him from the wind, especially when the pace got hot toward the end? Maybe he is saving himself to be one of mountain domestiques tomorrow....

despite the comments of some, i don't believe lance is just not putting in any effort because the 7-time winner is nothing but a "big fraud." i have no doubt jb has a plan. that said, no matter how brilliant a strategist one may be, ac & as are going to b hard if not impossible to beat for stage win on the mountains. they would need a lot of luck--a bad day for both of them.

as for the bad crash armstrong took on his 3-crash day...the fan video of him sliding across on his back was pretty brutal, and part of me finds it hard to believe that he has not sustained some sort of injury. i think his hip had been mentioned. i've even wondered if he has people around him to help him finish the tour because he doesn't want to quit his last tour.

but more likely, i would guess he is taking it easy so he can be of real help to levi in the mountains. i do believe he will help him when it counts. time will tell.