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As Jumbo have a team with guys who are not going to be a big help in the mountains, I'd say use them on the other stages. Stage 11 last year began with Wva and Laporte up the road, so play some mindgames on UAE.
For a team that isn't a big help in the mountains they've been pretty dominant in the mountains, the last couple of years. They're always sending pretty much the same team, and always people say "not enough climbers".

They always use the tactic of sending them up the road. That's why some people now seem to think Van Aert can win the Tour, because he's been there at some decisive moments. Yet if he stays in the peloton he's probably not among the 20 best climbers.
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Very early days, of course, but some ominous signs from UAE. I think JV will have their work cut out for them this year.

I'd be very disappointed if the Saudis take over Jumbo. I'm all for an international sponsor but only insofar as it's a real company & not some sort of sportswashing project for a dubious oil state.

I still don't believe the story is entirely true though so wait & see. There's also the prospect that Rogla would leave to be team leader in the TdF elsewhere anyway, at which point my mindset would be like "thanks for the nice memories Jumbo but nothing ever lasts forever".
The project would be a decade away, if it happens. Since all of the oil Sultanates seem to chase the same real estate demographic their collective success relies on variables they directly impact: cost of oil, impact of oil on other economies and general impact of flagging economies. That great sucking sound will come from China trying to generate real gdp while customer nations are fleeing. You can't keep building mega cities in that financial climate.
You got to hand it to Jumbo, they don't look like they're dealing with the pressure that well, do they? Not a total loss the past 2 days, but not the best tactics either. They could figure it out and chill pretty quickly, or it could all blow up, especially if egos get out of control and/or WvA leaves the race (because his wife gives birth to their second child).

Ah, the Tour de France always has the drama
Ah, the Tour de France always has the drama

It's why we watch (or at least why I watch).

No drama = no fun. I'm not here just to watch cyborgs mechanically drop the watts. And it's not like this is a serious topic (aka pro cycling) anyway, i.e. who cares about some media agendas, spin, tensions & a bit of team propaganda to save face? It's all just part of the show.

I bet the entire team got a pretty stern talking-to last night by the real bosses (the people who pay their wages), i.e. that stage finale was a real sh*t show considering their numbers. With Kelderman, Benoot, Vingegaard & WvA they should do much better in a reduced bunch like that.
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But seriously, what was the pacing plan on Puy de Dôme? Did they really think that pacing the first 5.5 km was worth using both Kelderman and Van Aert? I just don't get it.
Maybe it was plans they had beforehand and haven’t changed them yet because they keep thinking Pog will drop. I’m they will change things up for week 2, especially to try and save Kelderman and Kuss.
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Jumbo wanted their man versus man Vingegaard versus Pogačar duel & they've got it.

There was no scenario before the Tour in which Vingegaard wins where he doesn't seriously drop Pog in the mountains & build himself a big enough cushion to survive the MTF sprints & ITT (which can be a lottery either way & Jumbo hasn't looked so good against the clock this year).

There's some bravado going around right now (i.e. people in the team saying stuff like the stages which suit Vinge best are in the Alps etc.) but I found Zeeman's post-stage comments yesterday pretty honest: https://www.wielerflits.nl/nieuws/m...lijn-doorzet-dan-wordt-het-voor-ons-moeilijk/

I mean yeah, it's going to be difficult for Jumbo & Vingegaard. They don't have that ace up their sleeve (a second GC leader) which was employed so effectively last year along with the strategy of sending WvA up in the road in the breakaway. They did succeed in sending Van Aert up the road on the Tourmalet stage but without Pog burning matches chasing someone else, the strategy didn't work like on Granon.
But seriously, what was the pacing plan on Puy de Dôme? Did they really think that pacing the first 5.5 km was worth using both Kelderman and Van Aert? I just don't get it.
Think they just wanted to make it harder and less explosive which makes some sense to me. But Vingegaard has looked quite labored lately, and all this stay in 2nd wheel on the flatter days has to take its toil on you as well. I think he's expending a lot more energy than Pog on those days since Pog is so comfortable just floating around and following whereas Vingegaard has this nervous Contador style to him on flatter days.
When will Jumbo get their first win this Tour?
Will they get it?

Wout could well win stages 10+12 from break aways. But break away stages is a bit of a lottery and riders doesn't like being in the same lottery as Wout and UAE are bound to get nervous if Wout goes away. So who knows.

Jonas might also turn it around and begin dropping Pogi on climbs again.

But I think there is a very real risk that they just won't get a stage win.
Laporte has been kind of MIA so far, wondering if they’re banking on him turning up the juice in the next couple weeks especially with concerns about Wout leaving. So far too much pressure has been put on Wout even by his standards. Laporte is not just an early stage tempo setter.