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Lopez is going to the TdF.
Kruijswijk can really benefit for the 3 leaders thing. He can attack from distance, get a nice advantage and then try to defend till the Paris. Still, given that he's usually the best in the 3rd week and the parcours till then doesn't really suit him I don't think getting an advantage will be possible.
Kruijswijk is never gonna be in a move without a stronger Ineos rider. It's either Thomas, or Sivakov or maybe He Who Must Not Be Named himself.
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These Tignes training camps must be doing wonders. Last year Wout turned into a TT and sprinting expert after it, Kruiswijk got himself on the Tour podium, the team got 4 stage wins and was among the top 3 teams of the race, if not second best to Ineos. This year, everyone coming from Tignes has been absolutely flying. I followed the rides they were doing on Strava from Gesink, and they were doing rides with almost 6000 meters of climbing.

A funny comment was made under one of the Gesinks posts, where he posted a rest day run around the lake, but someone commented that he has seen a Jumbo rider on Iseran that day. So Gesink responded that it must have been Primož, since the mere mortals (meaining the rest of the squad) need to have their rest days, but Roglič still goes up the Iseran as light practice haha.

Another interesting thing is that both team managment and the riders were surprised how Van Aert was going. Kruiswijk said it was impossible to drop him uphill, even after a full day of HC climbs and Bennet said he was getting dropped by Wout on the climbs, which is pretty insane if you think about in what shape George is in at the moment.

Lastly, they are having another training camp in Tignes right after the Dauphine. So... other teams, beware!
According to this article, Jumbo will ride the tour with only one captain.

Who it will be (Roglic is the obvious choice), they will decide after the Dauphine!
They already said who it will be: Primoz. The two Dutchies will also be leader, but below Roglic.

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They already said who it will be: Primoz. The two Dutchies will also be leader, but below Roglic.

Almost certainly true, but it doesn't say that. They said Roglic is currently ahead. They will decide on Monday ...or so they say. Course, everyone and their grandma knows it's gonna be Primoz. He's miles ahead of the other two.

LOL also that Jumbo makes no mention of Kruijswijk. They know he isn't podium material in this Tour, regardless of his shape , considering the field and the fact that there's no TTT.

Looks like he was only named as a leader to keep him in line. Still think it would have been better to take De Plus instead (regardless of his departure) and Amund G. Jansen instead of Gesink.

But maybe I'm totally wrong here and Kruijswijk will go the extra mile for Roglic on the Tour climbs. Would be a first.
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De Plus leaving is probably the reason he is out but yes i agree he should be there
It's frankly a bit too much, that De Plus isn't allowed(?) to race at all, until TA. He hasn't raced and has nothing on his schedule. Supposedly because he got sick 2 months ago, or was it a hip problem... (shady communication, just when he supposedly signed with Ineos). I can only assume they must not be paying him nearly enough, or they would not kick him to the curb like they are doing now.
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