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Teams & Riders Team Visma - Lease a Bike

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Funny thing, when you have the strongest rider uphill and the high mountains are this hard, you don't have to sit around 7 man strong and wait all race with the best/second best rider in the world on your team. Who would have thought?!

Jonas thanked Roglič for yesterday. In my opinion you should too. Be the man your idol is. Don't be less than that.

That is the point.
Just saw an interview with Jonas and JV team coach Heijboer. JV planned for Roglič attack on the Galibier and hopped Pogačar would take the bait and follow. That would create 2x JV attack on one Pogačar and make him work hard. They told the plan to Roglič hoping he would accept this role. He did without a question. Then just before the race they decided to attack earlier on Telegraphe. They were afraid UAE will expect Galibier attack, so a surprise attack on Telegraphe would be even better. JV coach said Roglič went totally in red to make Pogačar work as much as possible and help Jonas in his fight for yellow.
I have to commend them for gaining 2 minutes on Pogačar. From my point of view this was always the key. On how to do that and they did it. I doubt any other team could in such fashion.

But there is a big elephant in the room. Did the right rider get this advantage or not? With Roglič, considering his climbing, stomp and ITT abilities it might do. With Vingegaard i am a bit skeptical. On how could he now suddenly be able to defend this advantage against Pogačar in a week long stage race and on top of that a long ITT. JV riding the way they always ride. Like a team Pogačar always wished he had and has it now at his disposal.

Considering this was not the outcome of some sort of masterpiece tactics. But more or less about Roglič sacrificing himself for the team. Attacking from the beginning of the stage 11. Due to Roglič getting injured i guess they didn't have other options open.

But still if JV doesn't take the yellow this year. Then for *** sake please next year make sure you don't leave Rogla alone back in the bunch on a crucial stage. And do sacrifice somebody else for Rogla to gain an advantage.
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Sad that Roglic is out but understandable with his injury. In hindsight it's amazing that Jumbo Visma were able to get Pogacar to spend so much energy chasing him on stage 11 considering he was pretty far back in the GC and likely to be carrying an injury.
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Looks like the issues continue with Jonas. Crash back in the bunch and not much dedicated helpers around at that point. Hence i guess it's not just down to Roglič.

Looks like there are a couple of strong clans in the team and each has their own interests. By the time stage 5 happened they managed to hamper themself without Pogi doing anything. For the next 5 stages Pogi just gained seconds against Jonas. Then the now famous 11 stage where Roglič sacrificed himself for Jonas and Jonas got a hefty advantage. Then another 5 stages Pogi could not do much. Still they losing team members due to crashes and crashing the race leader again today. Back in the bunch and more or less alone. Not much team members around when it happened. If they keep up with this they should eliminate themself before the ITT.
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