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That wasn't horrible. Landa is now nicely into positive numbers, while Valls also has gotten into positive territory and I have 3 riders who just need 5 points each to break even. Those are Sicard, Sutherland, and Castrillo.
How nice! 1408 points and up 22 places this week. That is quite surprising given the fact that I don't have Bernal in my team... Might be the highest scorer without Egan last week?
Well I wasn't expecting too much from the Tour, and it didn't disappoint. Watching Porte was painful and that's probably his season over, which means my most expensive pick won't even reach parity. Still Padun and Vliegen have compensated since, and I could have the riders for a decent Autumn, plus the return of MVDP. Still plenty to play for, well a top 50 anyway :)

San Sebastian - Honore and Hanninen will probably have disappeared by the time the TV coverage starts, but am hoping Rodriguez, Gaudu and Padun will feature strongly in the commentary

Poland - Vakoc, Van Der Horn Thomas and Gaviria could all get stage points. Lambrecht and O'Connor for the GC.

London - Theuns has been showing a bit of form. Bauhaus and Navardauskas also riding
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Squire said:
PremierAndrew said:
So now my cheapest pick (evenepoel) has more points than my most expensive pick (Porte)
My cheapest pick (Evenepoel) has more points than any of my other picks.

Thankfully that isn't the case for me. My most expensive pick does have around twice as many points as Evenepoel and I have around 4 others with more points as well.
May 31, 2011
greipel is my most expensive pick! :lol: :redface:

at least NIbali is keeping Evenepoel from top spot in my team. and Bettiol and Coquard aren't far away either...
On a sober note, my selections in the peloton ought to be given a health warning. Fairly serious accidents for Van Aert and Schachmann and now a terible accident for Bjorg Lambrecht. I'd happily not score another point all year just to hear that he's ok.
Hi everyone, the update will be late this week. I'm in transit for a few days and had a few hours of internet tonight, but read about Bjorg Lambrecht and was drawn into reading more as I really liked that kid a lot and was devastated to hear the news. I'll get the update up on Thursday.
Update #30: escartin wins the week as karaev strikes back

The post-Tour hangover week is obviously lower-key than the Tour GC week, but with San Sebastian (won by a very popular pick) and a few other races, there was still significant scoring from teams this week.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

escartin puls out the weekly win by a mere 5 points; their team was, of course, powered by Evenepoel's 220 points for a stunning win in San Sebastian, but the less popular Loic Vliegen (168 points, 11 teams) and Eddie Dunbar (92 points, 7 teams) certainly helped put things over the top. karaev comes very close in second based on Evenepoel, Vliegen and Marc Hirschi (112 points, 10 teams), while TheArt nabs third with the same big 2 and some additions from Nizzolo and Gaviria.

This Week's High Movers


A different name on top here, as Wallenquist is one of the only teams jumping up double digit spots. Their team's scoring is largely from Evenepoel, Hirschi, Kristoff (who is almost breaking even for the two teams that have him) and Gaviria. escartin takes second here, while adamski101 scores the final podium spot.

This Month's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this Month

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top scorers of the month are very similar to the top scorers of last week, the week of the Tour GC, since that was by far the highest scoring week. Bernal's 842 points on the month really stand out for fauniera (who wasn't doing so bad in the overall to begin with), with Landa (343) and Eveneopoel (275) helping alot, and Nibali, Aru, Gaudu, Padun, and Kevin Rivera all contributing over 100 points. shalgo has a very close second place with a lot of the same cast as fauniera, although one notable rider is Caleb Ewan who had 465 points for the month! del1962 won the week last week but gets a close third for the month, with the Tour winner and Quintana leading the way.

This Month's High Movers

318-Valve. (pithy)(+30)
5Geraint Too Fast(+27)

del1962 may not have won the high scorers, but their team moved up the most in July, over a third of the way up the standings. zlev11 moved a very respectable 31 places, while 18-Valve moved up 30 places with some very efficient scoring - a very top-heavy lineup with 5 riders scoring triple digits and only another 3 scoring double digits, meaning that leap is mostly predicated on 8 riders!

Green Jersey Competition


Some real movement in this competition! TheArt gets 30 points this week and ruvu75 gets 26, to bring them into the top 5... and ruvu would be 1 point out of the lead if armchairclimber hadn't scored 18 points of their own to get some breathing room in the lead overall.

Top 10 Overall


fauniera took the lead last week with a decisive 2nd place on the week, but karaev comes back with a 2nd place of their own this week, outscoring fauniera by 300 points even. Of course, getting second in the Tour GC week is a bit different than a normal week, so fauniera still leads by 81 points overall. Those two have distanced themselves by over 700 points from 3rd place, and over 1000 points from 6th, so they will likely have a good buffer going into the Vuelta. As for the rest of the top 10, some movement, but only TheArt is a new entrant into the top 10, at the expense of Kryvo who falls out.

spreadsheet at dropbox
Thanks for the update after a tough week. Just missed out on a mention in the update (8th highest scorer) but happy I could recover the 5 places I lost last week. Sitting in 21st now :) I'm doing surprisingly well with a team that is 90% heart and 10% head.
Update #31: Game Founder Leaves a Mark on 2019

This week saw most of the action in the Tour de Pologne, which - after tragedy struck on stage 3 - resumed action and ended with a very close GC. The European championships were happening as well, although most points were scored by either very popular or unpicked riders, so that didn't affect the game as much.

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week
1Hugo Koblet692

The founder of the CQ game gets his due this week, as Hugo Koblet tops the field with almost 700 points. Of course, Hugo was one of the 21 teams with Pavel Sivakov and his 242 points for winning Pologne, but also was one of the 12 teams with Jai Hindley and his 179 points for second (and, incredibly, was one of 2 teams with Vingegaard - imagine the week for Hugo if he had held on to the lead instead of fading and getting 'only' 57 for the week). Of course, 50 points for the unstoppable and popular Remco helped out as well, and 59 points for James Knox (10 teams). yoyokt slides into second with 629 on the week, with a very similar lineup to Hugo sans Vingegaard. merengues captures the final podium spot, once again with Sivakov/Hindley/Knox/Evenepoel leading the way. Incredible that Sivakov/Hindley/Knox were on 21/12/10 teams respectively, and all 3 have that combo. Congrats!

This Week's High Movers

1Hugo Koblet(+17)
5Blues in the bottle(+13)

The same top 3 populate this ranking, although instead of Hugo winning alone, the honors are shared with yoyokt.

Green Jersey Competition


No movement in the top 5; team skidmark scores 3 points for tying for 14th this week, but doesn't move up any spots. Kryvo and yoyokt move into the top 10 a little further down, but no shuffling of the top 5.

Top 10 Overall


The rich got richer yet again this week, as the only members of the top 10 from last week with Sivakov were teams #1 and 2 (although Tigerion had Hindley). fauniera extends their team's lead by 21 points over karaev - this is going to be a good battle the rest of the season! Sivakov-havers Kryvo and skidmark leap back into the top 10, while Nyssinator and tobydawq fall out.

spreadsheet at dropbox
Great! I think that might have been the first time I've come out on top in a weekly update! And yes, I was very excited when I saw that I had the top 3 in Pologne. Too bad about Vingegaard, but atleast he showed some promise.
Thanks for the update:)

Wasn't expecting that from Hindley in Poland, and glad to see he's avoided the Vuelta. Another lacklustre performance from O'Connor though. Maybe he hasn't got over his injury properly, or is just suffering the more generalised effect of being at DID.

A couple of nice sprint placings for Theuns this week, but he's going to the Vuelta with Degenkolb, so he might not get too many more opportunities this season.

Rodriguez, Kung and Van der Poel are all looking good for top ten's at least at the moment. And hoping Arensman can salvage his season at Avenir
I think I had a good week with some rare picks scoring well. Cortina, Küng and Felline 7th, 8th and 11th in BinckBank, Barguil 2nd in Norway and Hamilton 2nd in Czech Republic, plus stage points. But I bet plenty will have scored better!
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