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Thanks for the update Skid. With my crappy start and underwhelming team, I set a new goal of finishing in the Top 50. I finally reached that goal, but now just need to hang on. No WvA for this weekend, but maybe someone else will surprise. It's going to take a miracle from Sagan for me.
:eek: I didn't know you could score minus points. ;)

The only thing that can save my team now is Nils Politt winning P-R. I have practically noone else for that race.
Sometimes results are amended, or more often CQ correct an error involving riders of similar names, resulting in points that shouldn't have been given in a previous update being removed, and a temporary negative.

But the real bane to those processing CQ stats for games etc is the frequency with which they change names of riders, adding or removing accents, changing transliteration from Cyrillic names, adding and removing middle names and maternal surnames from Spanish and Portuguese language names, those Danish not-surnames-but-still-family-names, and a deep lack of confidence as to what names to give to Ethiopian and Eritrean riders.
For Roubaix: Politt, Schachmann, Teunissen, Milan, Gaviria.
Emilia so far (startlist is still not complete): Vansevenant, Sivakov, Hirschi, Vingegaard, Kruijswijk, Kuss, Romo, Latour. Obviously my riders prefer the Italian autumn sun to northern French mud and rain.
1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th at Paris-Roubaix. I would have enjoyed the race anyway, but what an example of this game adding to it! Obviously, that's easily my best monument result, and nicely compensates for last week's Worlds.

I'd feel confident about a late assault on the top ten, but my Italian fall team is looking dicey. Ciccone appears to be out still, Formolo continues to have a nothing season and Rivera isn't even a pro anymore. Plus two of my biggest omissions, Gaudu and Mollema are likely to go well.

Could be down to Moscon, Evenpoel, Wellens, and possibly, Colbrelli, to be the difference makers.

Oh, and Higuita if he remembers that he used to quite good at cycling.
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My reasoning for not picking Colbrelli was something like "he tends to score a lot of points in pro and .1 races which might be cancelled due to COVID so no thank you".

Excellent choice :D

That was not my reason for not taking him, but my reasoning for not taking a bunch of other riders I should have taken. Actually the calendar went through almost in full when I expected a lot of small races to be cancelled.
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Dec 16, 2010
Sonny making up for the disaster that was Cav winning a 1.Pro race! The assault is still on.
The riders are really making this interesting to the very end. I just hope I won’t share the same destiny as Moscon today with a puncture and a crash to end up fourth…
Hey everyone, for those with Biniam Girmay, I fixed last week's file, should be updated now. Top 10 overall and Green Jersey points not affected, but interestingly changing Girmay's points on 3 teams made it so that Lortnoc got sole possession of first in the Highest Movers category last week.

I know that those at the top (and fans of the game) are likely excited to see how Paris-Roubaix affected things, and I've got a busy day but will attempt to get the update up tonight (in Canadian time, in about 14 hours from now).
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Update #36: The standings get tighter as the end draws near

What a week and what a race on Sunday! Aside from the race fan excitement of watching Roubaix finally after 2.5 years and in the rain, the CQ excitement must have been through the roof, with the 39 teams with Moscon must have had quite the roller coaster, for example, and any of the teams with the top 3, or various riders who crashed and came back on and crashed again... anyway, the 4th monument comes a week before the 5th, the new Holy Week on this rescheduled calendar. For those wondering, a brief glance at the CQ page shows that after Lombardia and Paris-Tours next week, there remain a handful of .1 races the week of the 11th-17th, and the lone 1.1 Ronde van Drenthe is scheduled for the 24th (which I'll believe when I see), so effectively the game is winding up very soon. So, let's cherish these updates while we have them!

This Week's Top Scorers

RankTeamPoints this week

postmanhat has a gigantic week, cracking 4 digits with a score of 1106. Of course their team had Colbrelli and his massive 280 points, 182 from Remco Evenepoel (it appears CQ released the update on Monday after he had scored 130 for winning in Italy), and was also one of the 7 teams who believed in one Florian Vermeersch and was rewarded with 175 points this week. Throw in Moscon (125) and Laporte (100) and you've got 4 of the top 6 from Roubaix and Remco. Good haul! Crevaison nabs second with the above less Vermeersch, and there's a tie for third with exactly 879 points between Amis Velo and tobydawq even though both have different sources (both have Remco, Moscon and Laporte, but tobydawq has Colbrelli while Amis Velo took a less likely route with Jakobsen and Cavendish).

This Week's High Movers

2Blues in the bottle(+7)

Yes, even with such high scores, week 36 of the season leads to some fairly modest gains and losses on the big chart, and sometimes a nine-way tie for fifth on this ranking. postmanhat doubles up here, moving up 8 spots for the 1100+ points their team scored. Blues in the bottle nabs second place with a 'Poel to Poel' team (perhaps the only team with Remco and Mathieu), and one of the two teams who decided Stevie Williams was worth a flier for 5 points and got 146 this week for a win at a race I didn't even know was happening. EvansIsTheBest nabs third.

Green Jersey Competition

4Hugo Koblet224.67

This is the most interesting finish I can recall in this competition - I believe there was a two-way race that went down to the final week (iirc it was Squire surrendering the lead after leading all season to Emericlabordure?), but never a three-way race this close. Last week Bicycle Boy pulled barely ahead of Otoxiep87, and this week neither score, but Jon Ezeitza scores 16 points to pull within a handful of the lead. Either the second or third teams can pull into the lead with a 13th place or higher on one of the final weeks. Hugo Koblet is mathematically within a weekly win of the lead as well, so if nobody scores, the Ronde van Drenthe goes on and Hugo is loaded with riders, he would win by 1.67 points. Anyway, this will be fun to follow the next two weeks.

Top 10 Overall

3(-)Total Package17929

The attention the last two weeks has been at the top, as Squire has made dramatic gains on Object's lead, which had been around 1200 points a few weeks ago. It is now down to 213, with Squire gaining another 121 this week. The bad news for Squire is that Object has Remco while Squire doesn't, and there are like 5 races in Italy this week. The good news for Squire is that Remco's win on October 4th is already factored into this ranking. But it's a very narrow path, with few opportunities remaining.

Further down on the rankings there is a bit of place switching, with tobydawq jumping back into the top 10 at the price of Boris98.

Speadsheet at dropbox

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